The Originals Season 2 Episode 6 Wheel Inside the Wheel

Posted By CouchTuner On November 11, 2014



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  • Caz

    the video keeps freezing on me!!! is anyone else having this problem?? sooo frustrating!!

    • Mizumura Shinta


      • Caz

        it worked in the end

  • Mizumura Shinta

    so it was really the badass big sister bitch who started err thing …way to go though my niqquh clause never ceases to amaze his fans

  • Caz

    so the reason why esther is such a bitch and trying to kill/save her children is cuz of her own elder sister being a worse psycho than she is? shitttttttttt imagine shit hitting the fan when esther finds out that hope is alive lol…..cmon guys! just join forces and kick esther’s big sis’s ass already!

  • John Smith

    Who did she say would return? Was it her sister?

    • Jessica Thomas

      Yes it was her sister.. and she will kill them all

  • Oatmeal_

    Aweh. This kind of made me feel sorry for Esther, but she tortured Elijah! Truth be told, he didn’t appear much in this episode. EEK.. I have a feeling Freya will appear in this season. They always do.. -.-

  • Guest

    Aweh. I kind of feel sorry for Esther now, but she did torture Elijah!Truth be told, he wasn’t shown in this episode a lot. I have a feeling that Freya is going to show in this season. They always do…

  • Oatmeal_

    Gawd. So Esther’s sister was the cause of all this all along?! She looks like that black haired lady from Tangled. Looks and all.

  • Crazy Wooo

    nick’s life is so crazy and his family is even more crazy .. i feel bad for him .. i could never imaging going through every thing he went through and come out of it mentally OK .

  • Jessica Thomas

    I don’t get why Esther couldn’t just tell Elijah and Niklaus why she wanted to kill Hope… I feel sorry for her but then again she tortured Elijah therefore i have no sympathy towards her

  • The Originals / TVD / Teenwolf

    kill list:
    ester’s sister
    and any other mofo who gets in the way of klaus and elijah

    and i want to see klaus’s baby again !!

  • Cecilia

    Is there no one who stays dead in this series? I mean really? Why are they trying to kill each other when everyone comes back from the dead anyways????

  • Berniceanne

    This is getting more and more exciting! Kudos to the writer.;) each episode is really unexpected. I am really hooked. Now, i am gonna wait for Elijah’s big decision when he wakes up. ;)