The Originals Season 2 Episode 5 Red Door

Posted By CouchTuner On November 4, 2014



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  • Caz


  • Caz

    omg my heart is racing….my mind is a blur!! Julie Plec you have done it again… arrrghhhhh!! all i can think coherently is SAVE ELIJAH #KlausCamiMarcelKolDavinaAssemble though elijah looked damn hot all chained up ;)

  • Jazz

    Can someone please kill Davina…Please!!! Even Cami has started seeing Klaus and realized that he is redeemable but that little brat Davina is blinded by her own power. It is settled…She needs to DIE!!!

    • Caz

      How many times has the Mystic Falls gang tried to kill Klaus since Season 2? Ive lost count and then before Klaus left for New Orleans only Caroline and Stefan in the end are the only ones to call Klaus “Friend” and give up their vendetta against the others are in the middle “I wanna kill Klaus” “Lets work with him for a common goal” and the rest “Who cares anymore cuz evil Silas” (that storyline didnt last very long either)

      I like Davina…I get it, shes pissed, she lost Tim her first love, of course she wants revenge and shes not gonna learn going after klaus isnt gonna bring tim back and revenge isnt the answer and she wont learn that until it smacks her in the face….

      Loved the scene with Cami and Mikael. I couldnt help but hold my breath, “PLzzzzz dont kill Cami!!”

  • Charltina

    Great episode.

  • Oatmeal_

    OH MY GOD. That was.. Just. Amazeballs. That scene when we finally get to see Elijah’s face change for the first time (I think) was exhilarating. This episode is one eye-opener. And next episode’s promo.. What Elijah says at the end is something to look forward to! EEK! I can’t contain my excitement right now, total fan girling mode.

    • Caz

      I really wanna see Elijah’s darker edgier side cuz he’s always so calm and collected. The Original most likely to willing negotiate with you rather than steam charge ahead and kill you like Klaus….I miss Elijah from his first entrance in Mystic Falls….Remember Trevor pplz?? ;)

  • Paula

    I seriously love the actors on this show. They’re great. They’re doing the best they can but this storyline… It needs to end. Like now. This whole Mikael-Esther thing – it’s so jump the shark. It must end. For gods sake. I can’t take it anymore.

  • Berniceanne

    Omg! the scene when Klaus started to turn gray., i was like “no, pls do not die!” But then again I know it wont happen;) superb episode as always;) looking forward to the next episode;)

  • The Originals / TVD / Teenwolf

    if elijah turns humans i give up
    first on the vampire diaries they turn alaric human and now elijah NO NO NOO

  • Harmya

    Disgusted to see that unbearable bitch from the Vampires Diaries!