The Originals Season 2 Episode 13 The Devil is Damned

Posted By CouchTuner On February 10, 2015






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  • Caz

    hahaha Elijah being all domestic….never thought I live to see that happen!

    Cmon Elijah you chose chores over listening to Cami’s speech lose her virginity?!?! Tsk tsk….can imagine the drinks to get through that convo lol

  • malik overath

    Psychic baby!!

    • Red

      nope. part witch. witch, vampire and werewolf. talk about overpowered as hell.

      • malik overath

        That’s what I meant…. psychic baby. I’m not referring to the made-up creatures. Witches were real, & ppl don’t understand original meanings. “Supernatural”/”paranormal” abilities of the mind/soul via perception, attention & either direct knowledge (acquired as an adult) or innately. (Like animals passing on knowledge so to speak, to their young, then ditching ‘em after a few days) Including genetics of course (in the context of reality + the show)

        The baby clearly has some pre-cognitive latent “clairvoyance” thing going on along with being able to generate or at least, manipulate larger electromagnetic fields/waves.. hence the car being halted. Easy to shut things down or destroy… but can you create or fix things… the car starts up! Also, within the context of the show, the electromagnetic manipulation would infer possible telekinesis too. So, as said before…. psychic baby!!

  • Harmya

    Heeeeh? Elijah?

  • sassan

    am i the only one worried that eljiah may had died? eitherway… theres a chance that we wont see elijah as elijah… hopefully i am wrong. i hope he quickly wore his ring and escaped the explosion. otherwise his body’s gone, he may live since he’s a witch too.. he can jump into another person’s body…but that wouldnt be elijah anymore. omg!!!! what would Hayley do when she finds out?!