The Originals Season 1 Episode 22 From a Cradle to a Grave

Posted By CouchTuner On May 14, 2014





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  • knn

    first? lol

  • Hope love

    Epic episode!! Very interesting love wen rebekah appeared..
    reb: she looks like her mother
    claus : she has the hint of the devil in her eyes, thatz all me.. lol.

  • riri

    Klaus is in love with kamel it’s so obvious

  • Jim32

    Was that Esther and Finn at the end?

    • Janita


  • Candice

    When is the next episode coming out

    • Janita

      Next year when the second season starts.

  • Korina Espino

    I loved baby Hope. I was literally crying! But, I wonder if Esther took over a body, because I remember her with red hair and broad shoulders

    • Janita

      She took owed the body of a harvest girl, and also the girl is 16-17 years old so she can’t have a child who is older than her.

      • Korina Espino

        I know its Esther, but just wondering whose body she is using. And it being the harvest girl is a wonderfully guess since that witch with red hair just died, and the final harvest girl can finally come back now. Forgot about that till you mentioned the harvest girl

  • Nicki Hero

    So, is that like the unnamed child or did a random new mikaelson appear?

    • Janita

      Her name is Hope.

      • Nicki Hero

        totally not what I was even talking about

        • Marwa Chatila

          nicki you were talking about the ending the grave of ester yes mother the man i think so new mikaelson but i think witch not vampire hahah

  • Lauren

    what a shit episode

  • KHADARoo

    This was by far the best episode of the season