The Originals S2E20 City Beneath The Sea

Posted By CouchTuner On April 28, 2015





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  • Caz

    Dahlia and Klaus team up??!?!?! What the hell!?!?!

  • Zelda1337

    I kind of like that Klaus and Dahlia are teaming up, it makes for an interesting plot twist. Am I the only one who think so?

    • Victorianight12

      You are not the only one who thinks so. I also think that it was time for the writers to shake things up in the show. I would like to see Jackson die because he’s annoying also, his death will be a great plot development for Haley’s character. Freah? their sister has ulterior motives but unfortunately, only Klaus seems to recognize that.

      • Alexsander Mörk

        Her name is spelt Freja.

        • Cassie Salvatore

          Actually it’s Freya as seen right here:

          • Alexsander Mörk

            You are right.
            But the character is from Norway right? And in Norway they have 3 ways of
            spelling the name: Freja, Freia or Freya. So I just assumed that
            they used the first one, because Freja is spelt the same in Denmark, Sweden and
            Norway. But if you fund it on a reliable page I’m sure you are right.

  • Settled

    Can’t wait for the next episode, Dahlia and klaus gonna be a sick duo, but i somehow believe that klaus is gonna betray her and kill her, oh well.

  • Roofffairy

    A second deatn for hayley? How cool is that!