The Originals S1 E3

Posted By CouchTuner1 On February 6, 2014

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  • Harmya

    Once you start watching… just can’t stop…
    Perso, I think it’s better than the Vampires Diaries!

    • Caz

      So true hey!
      I really prefer The Originals over The Vampire Diaries (nothing against the characters on TVD) but I find TO is alot more adult and focuses on more mature themes and issues, rather than who Elena chooses Damon or Stefan…

      I’m so sick of love triangles!! Its been to DEATH on TVD…I like how TO explores different relationship dynamics with each other and its not necessarily romantic and i find that wonderfully refreshing :)

      Keep watching!! It keeps getting better and better! :D

      • Harmya

        My sentiment exactly… but in TVD, I can’t stand that Elena girl.. or character! Thanks CAZ, great discovery! I really didn’t know what to watch with all these mid-season “pauses”, pfff… ;)

        • Caz

          Ok i dont HATE Elena…I just really dislike how/what the writers have turned her into…i miss the Elena from Season 1 and 2, my fave scene of Elena was between the showdown between her and Elijah in season 2 and she has a verbal confrontation with him and battle of wills and she stabs herself to prove her point, she will do anything for her friends and family….thats when i thought wow Elena’s got some backbone! So hopefully it go back towards that and not who she is with….

          Im itching to watch the mid-season finale of the originals!! I wanna know whats gonna happen between Mikael-Esther, if Hayley is gonna go through this marriage with jackson so her pack can share her unique gift as a hybrid to shift into as a wolf whenever she wanted (and also this may also protect her child Hope and take away her pack’s reliance on Finn and Esther) or will she follow her heart and choose Elijah??

          Gahhhh too many feels!!!

      • Harmya

        Now… waiting for the next season! I want more… Thanks CAZ for the tip! :)

        • Caz

          you’re welcome! :D