The Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 5 Enemy at the Gates

Posted By CouchTuner On November 1, 2014



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  • The_truth

    Just wanna share, when they made the LoK video game, they had a Japanese company and team do the animation and graphics, and Japan has not really had any exposure to LoK at that time. And no one involved could believe it was a non-japanese anime, let alone an american one. SO this show is fucking great. I’d say as a whole just as good as LA, if not better. But hey, maybe I just like 18-21 year old women better than 12 year old boys.

    • Vision

      This show is great. I certainty want the avatar saga to continue. But imo, this series is not as good as the Last Airbender, despite it being about a 12 year old boy.

      For one, 12-14 episodes per season sucks for the show. It just seems like character and story development is rushed.

      The avatar team joins way too fast in Legend of Korra series. I mean, the daughter of the traitorous arms dealer was ready to betray her father the moment she learned of his corruption. Compare that to Zuko who battled his demons for what side to choose for more than 2 seasons (over 40 episodes). And the entire time we get to see Zuko’s character progress nicely, unlike Asami.

      There does not seem to be an overall plot in the LoK series, compared to LA, which was about the fire nation tipping the balance of the world by trying dominating the other nations.

      Instead the LoK series seems to be about using the “each season has a boss” formula which are loosely connected to the previous season. This allows each season to potentially be the last.

      If however, they continue the LoK series for more than 4 seasons and build a complex story that results from Korra’s previous actions, then it can be a pretty damn good show rivaling LA. The connection between season 3′s earth kingdom’s chaos, and the rise of a tyrant in 4 is a pretty good start. But it looks as though they are going to kill the series and possible the saga after 4 which is a damn shame.

      But hey, you can always watch the show from nick dot com and show them that you support this show. Its free because of advertisements (adblock works), and the video quality is determined by your network. I just refresh the page until I get the hd version.