The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Posted By CouchTuner On June 30, 2014




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  • Tess

    Looks interesting, thanks CT

  • orsonhinds

    120 million vanish – OK. But that’s hardly a dent in the 6 billion left over. That’s what? 600,000 Americans? 65,000 Brits and Frenchies? Spread over entire nations! If it was my town, pop. 60,000, it would mean 1200 people. It would be pretty traumatic and have a major impact for a while, especially on those families affected, but I really doubt it’d be this crazy.

    Be more believable if it was 3 billion with half the houses in every town in every country instantaneously empty.

    • blackbear

      Except for the weird cults and for the animals, i didn’t see anything too crazy. And anyway it would be traumatic enough, the loss of more than 3000 people has already changed the world…

      • orsonhinds

        Yeah, 3000 Americans. Two million Rwandans didn’t create much of a stir in good ol’ US of A in ’96, did it? Or 1 million Iraqis.

        This is just more American milliennial angst and massive cultural egotism. Besides, this is pretty much an accurate depiction of the awesome America today, without some supernatural event to justify it all. Drug-addled, dysfunctional, gun-toting and convinced of their own moral, political, social and cultural superiority. But essentially pig-ignorant.

        I hate to think what would happen to the United States if it faced a real crisis. Judging by crap like this, the people are so weak in every way that counts, it would implode in a heartbeat.

        • blackbear

          Yeah, i think we both got it by the wrong side. It’s not so much the deaths than the events that caused them which are memorable. I remember 9/11 more because it was shocking and spectacular. I’ve seen the people walking around with machetes in Rwanda and the skeletons that were dug out of the ground. It’s sad to say but genocides, are pretty common things, so are attacks, but 9/11 was kind of unique and it was on one of the ruling nations of the world so it really affected the world geopolitically.

          • Mikeyeng

            You do realise that he was insulting you ?


    i hope this will be like game of thrones and breaking bad freaking awesome1

  • from562

    Oh thought his wife had been raptured didn’t know she was in the gr till reading the summary