The Last Man On Earth Season 1 Episode 8

Posted By CouchTuner On March 30, 2015




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  • Snapperfisho

    HAHA Carroll pulled a Phill HAHAH hes fukt

  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    He is so mean and ornery! I really feel sorry for Carol and the other people who have to live around this guy. I keep hoping someone comes to town and kills him.

  • Mikey

    First: If I would be him, I would move far away from these people as possible. Seriously, his wife is a good reason to commit suicide.
    Second: Ever since he got rid of his beard, his character lost the charm.
    Third: This show is called “The last Man on Earth”….what a good job, introducing one guy after another within the first half of the season. The title is completely misleading. This story, so far, could have been told in literally any other setting/environment. I tried to stick to it, but since they gonna introduce another dude soon, it has just become one of the biggest jokes I have ever seen on modern television.

    • Lord Kakarot

      They are literary the last people on earth. If he leaves he will never talk to another human being again.

      • Mikey

        I really want to believe that, because that is the story told by the title but I highly doubt they are literally the last people on earth. Otherwise it would be the biggest coincidence that four people, including his brother, are finding each other exactly in this particular neighborhood. :P

        • Lord Kakarot

          They read billboards posted across the country and that lead them to a particular destination. It wasn’t a coincidence.

          • Mikey

            Of course, you are right. But that wasn´t my point :P
            My point is that there is no meaning behind the title anymore, where literally all expectations and the story of this show was implemented. Now, he is neither the last person or the last “man” on earth. It would be much more fun if they would stick to the story they developed within the first, or first two, episodes. Him chasing around the country, desperately looking for other people out there on his own OR, which would have been another interesting storyline, introducing one woman after another and deal with the fact that he is the only guy alive.
            Instead, we get soon presented a third “man”, which somewhat renders the show just like any other show out there. Its not unique anymore, and that is basically what I am looking for nowadays.

          • Lord Kakarot

            That would have been a really boring show. One guy talking to himself season after season wouldn’t last long.

  • popober

    Please Phil, just kill all of them… all it would take is just 3 stabs. Just THREE stabs to their faces… or shots. 3 stabs or shots. That’s all.

    I mean I get it, Phil is an a&&h*le. He’s awkward and more than kinda dumb. He spent the last year or two alone and desperate. Then he was suddenly forced to marry an annoying hobag like Carol.

    SHE wanted to have sex with him, supposedly for re-population. SHE wanted it. Yet SHE still FORCED Phil to go through all that arduous process of having to marry her, which really no longer holds any meaning since law is non-existent and nobody with authority, legal or religious, did it.

    SHE was the one who asked for something but somehow had the gall to stick on requirements in order to be given that.

    And now all these people showing up and getting in his face, stepping on his toes and still somehow leaving and singling him out. Everyone keeps trying to tell him what to do, and for what? To emulate the rules of a lost civilization?

    Now those two new people kept blaring that music out loud every night. Not only is that plain rude, but they apparently have are perfectly fine with that despite getting on Phil’s case all the time. Hypocrites. Anyone would break down in his shoes.

    I don’t get why he’s supposed to be a bad guy in everybody’s eyes.

    I get it, he’s done some bad things. But Carol isn’t any better. She keeps forcing s**t on him. Melissa’s turned into a plain b&&&h after she no longer “needed” to f**k him. Friggin’ Todd’s actually a pretty nice guy, honestly.

    Really the only difference is that Phil is alone in his defense and he’s unable to hide evidence of his deeds.

    This isn’t even funny anymore. Please Phil, either kill all of them or just move away. Solitude is better then having to live with those people.

    I’m still going to keep watching with the hope that he eventually does either of those things.