The Flash Season 1 Episode 9 The Man in the Yellow Suit

Posted By CouchTuner On December 10, 2014





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  • Jcoop782

    This episode confused the hell outta me, for one; Who was the Reverse Flash that got caught? And was the flash that was fighting the Reverse Flash when Barry was a kid Barry from the future or was it someone else?

    • Corey Potter

      it may have been time travel
      the speedsters travel throgh time

    • TheFirst

      Like Corey said, there is almost certainly time travel involved. So the Reverse Flash that was caught was probably someone from the future (either Eddie or Wells).

  • QueenV

    Guys set themselves up for rejection

    • lmao

      you’re fucking ugly maybe thats why they reject you?

  • Mikael Gadsuhi

    is dr wells reverse flash? or is that a suit of barry? so confused gahh

  • QueenV

    Wtf is good with Dr. Wells

  • Russell Coonrod

    That’s some Dr. Who? Bill and Ted, stuff right there. photon>tachyontachyon<photon

  • Marcky

    Obviously the reverse flash can time travel. Which explains why there was two speedsters the night of Barry’s mom murder. He went back to time and tried to stop it from happening.

    • paigeyrod

      And Barry did stop it from happening at one point so that’s why The Flash disappears. And so the reverse flash has to come back stronger and be able to stop Barry from stopping him. Without his mom dying, Barry never would have become The Flash. BOOM, mystery solved.

      • Micah Mungal

        Watch the Flashpoint paradox,all will be explained, except for who is Dr Wells, he is still a mystery.

      • its me

        Best answer so far

      • Lit

        But why is the reverse flash doing all of this? Wouldn’t the non-existence of flash be good for him? He is a villan after all?

  • Joshua Taylor

    But but but but…..Reverse flash beat up Dr. Wells. They were in two very different places when Berry and reverse flash fought at the end !?!?!? How is Dr. Wells reverse flash but in two different places plus beating up on himself?!?!?!?! I am so confused and now have way too many questions!

    • Hans Gruber

      I think Dr. Wells and Eddie are in cahoots.

    • kshitij

      he have a time machine,duh

    • Corey Potter

      Its not a time machine
      the speedsters can travel through time
      so maybe, he beat himself up

  • Dionysius

    I believe in you Barry!! One day you’ll get out of that friend zone

    • Lit

      He should just hit up the Dr. chick.

  • TvLover

    Wait….just so we’re clear…… if Robbie Amell aka Ronnie plays Burning Man here….does this mean The Tomorrow People is cancelled? Say it ain’t so!

    • AWsaf

      The Tomorrow People was cancelled ageessss agoooooooooo.

  • Ezekiel Saru Sakada

    i didn’t think they would introduce Professor Zoom so early

  • John Robert

    Dr wells still had his cuts at the end so is it the suit that gives him the powers???

  • Mark Bonney


    The reverse flash is Eddie, in the comics Professor Zoom’s name is Eddie Thawne, in the Flash (TV Serie’s) Eddie’s full name is Eddie Thorne, and the reason they’re both at the same place at the same is is because of time travel (Comic Title was Time Masters, or something like that).

    • Jeff Materichi

      There is more than one Reverse Flash in the comics, and the one most people are thinking is that Eddie will become a sort of Hunter Zolomon Reverse Flash, while the current Reverse Flash is a future version of Harrison Wells, who is probably the Eobard Thawne Flash, who will probably be the son of the current Eddit Thawne (police officer).

  • ping
    • Hans Gruber

      So the real reason he stopped himself from saving his mom was to prevent himself from ending up gay? Oh… and that save the world part too.

  • Corey Potter

    You know the Aunt they kept mentioning, is she Wallys mom
    Wally West is KidFlash, hes the couson of Iris

  • Aiden Scott

    Personally i think that reverse flash is either dr wells or eddie thawn, this is because in the comics eddie thawn is the identity of reverse flash, reverse flash can travel throught time meaning that in the future, when dr wells finds out how to harness barrys powers he creates a suit, either the suit has the powers or dr wells creates something that can give anyone them, either wells uses it to go back and kill barrys mom because if she didnt die there would be no barry, no cia and ultimately barry wouldnt be in the lab at the time of the explosion to become the flash or eddie somehow gets hold of these powers- not much to back up the eddie thawn case . So when dr wells is being beaten up, hes being beaten up by himself after he has the powers from the future and the red and yellow blur when barrys mom was killed is created by a future barry and reverse flash fighting as barrry must of found out how to time travel and dries to prevent his mothers death. I have no idea if this is going to endup being true but let me know if you have any suggestions.

    • bizboy

      i dn’t know much but i think it’s eddie, he hates and is obsessed with the flash,he knew the flash is admired by iris, barry a.k.a love iris might even take her away from eddie, that’s why the reverse flash didn’t harm him….maybe he went back in time to kill barry as a kid when barry went back to prevent is mom death and eventually saving is younger self when he got him out of the house, maybe it’s dr.wells if there is no flash in the future there would be no reverse flash either so he have to make sure the flash exist in the present….i’ll have to study it more….lol

    • Blu Millan

      i some how agree with u………… both eddie and dr wells are gr8 suspects but………. heres what i think happened…….. i think that RF (reverse flash) came back in time to kill flash nd prevent him from existing in the future. (keeping in mind that RF has the power to time travel) and future flash came back and saved barry… which would explain the two ppl in the room that night.. remember there were two speedos… not one….. and …….now that would be the theory if eddie… plus in the comics the identity of RF is eddie thawn….. but

      heres another theory…… dr wells… who obviously has something up his sleeve…. and who also seems to know alot about the future… since hes so set on having the flash in it, he could be RF … and he seems to hv planed what happened to barry……….something could hv happened in the future and he goes back in time to ensure that things go the right way………..the ring and everything he did in that room says alot………

      but i think i wanna stick to the eddie theory …. u know.. since the comics say it… we will see in seson 2 tho :v

  • FlyBoi

    this shidd is getting real soooo many twist n turns i think its dr wells it jus makes soo much since first the nigga can walk. second he can read or see into the future with his AI machine when he walks in that secret room. nd thrid this nigga has the reverse flash suit if thats not enough evidence i dont kno wat is. i dont think its eddie.honestly wat does eddie hav against the flash that it would make him kill barry’s mother makes nooooo sense. it has to be dr.wells all the way. well we’ll see in the next episode.

    • Benji Quinn

      True dat nigga!

    • Ash

      You need to do some serious reading up if you don’t think Eddie is involved. Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash, but so is a guy named Hunter Zolomon, more than likely there is a lot of time travel involved in this, with the most likely explanation being either Eddie Thorn is Eobard/Eddie Thawnes ancestor and it’s Eobard/Eddie from the future who is the RF or its Harrison Wells from another point in time from the future.

      • Shaun Devine

        Look at what the thing he strapped to yellow suit did, it was shimmering red which could explain the yellow and red lightning if moving at speed when Barry’s mum dies.

  • Romz Roses

    This series is brilliant, that scene between Barry and his dad is excellent, hes a very good actor you really feel those tears. I would have no qualms if he played the Flash in the bigger budget movies.

    • TheFirst

      I agree. However, sadly they’ve already cast Ezra Miller as The Flash in the movies.

  • Connor Wayne

    Anyone notices Cisco’s Big Bang Theory t-shirt?

  • TheFlashFamilyDead

    All right so when Barry’s mom is getting murdered, the yellow and red flashes around her were Prof Zooms and The Flash? Barry tried to go back in time and save his mom and thats why he dissapears? Right?

    • TheFirst


    • Ash

      Yes and no, the flash is killed in the Crisis on infinite Earths story arc, and after he’s brought back, he later tries to go back in time and save his mother which leads to the flashpoint story arc in the comics. What Cisco is talking about is probably what occurred before the Flash Point story.

  • Natedawg


  • Husseiinn

    I really don’t understand how dr wells could be the reverse flash since he got beat up by the reverse flash and Cisco says there could have been another flash helping the reverse flash on the night Barry’s mother was murdered could it be that he acted both reverse flash and dr wells at the same time?

  • Lit

    Wouldn’t the whole vibrating-hiding identity thing not work against Barry? wtf….

  • bizboy

    this is driving me crazy…the same particle thing the reverse flash stoled is the same thing dr. wills have at the end,..he had to trick the others to get it to set a trap he knew wouldn’t work so he can get it from that tight security lab, he is the only one knew of iris father investigating barry mother murder .i think eddie some how stole the suit dr.wills have

  • bizboy

    the voice patter of the reverse flash and dr.wells at the end is the same….my take it’s dr.wells is the reverse flash

  • Caz

    Ahhhh i knew Dr wells was shady!!

  • t-roller84

    has anyone of you guys realized that almost every episode fails basic laws of science??? meta-humans have altered biology but no clothes. doublicating, vibrating, flaming, teleporting, turning to gas etc shouldn’t involve their clothes!!! sure it’s a fictional tv-show. but as there are so much scientific explanations I feel they should be more acurately aplied… what do you think?