The Flash Season 1 Episode 8 Flash vs. Arrow

Posted By CouchTuner On December 3, 2014




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  • pheonix


  • BobC

    I love how they blend Arrow and Flash together. Oh and Felicity is a hottie too. I love both shows.

    • lmao

      how many viagras did you have to pop to get a boner for her ya old fuck? Cmon Bob, you could be her fucking great grandfather you disgusting old dinosaur fucking underage predator

      • Pride


        • BobC

          LOL I agree he is a idiot too.

      • BobC

        Hey I love you vulgar words that children can learn to say. Oh and being my age I do see girls around 20 till 100 yr old women that I like are hot. Now of course I do not date young girls and prefer mature women. Oh little boy I guess you are still growing up so quit cussing on this site.

  • Jay

    I love Caitlin and Felicity’s friendship!! This episode passes the Bechdel test because of these two characters. Go girl power! :P

  • Hans Gruber

    That sure is some facial recognition software. It found Barry in seconds even while he was wearing a full face-mask.

    • lmao

      stfu hans

    • SAQ Rabbit

      In the facial recognition’s defense not many people mosey around at the speed of sound wearing a red jumpsuit that covers head to toe… not since the 80s anyway…

  • Matthew McDonald

    is that the one girls boyfriend at the end!?

  • Armando Almanca

    the Girl in the end was the girl mara sent to starcity for the abortion of Olivers Baby xP

    • chared99

      thanks, this means Oliver is a daddy

      • Pride

        guess you don’t watch arrow everyone knows he is but him

  • Crazy Wooo

    Oliver and Berry teaming up was so awesome …
    I knew that Ronny was alive …
    and that Oliver was a dad .. but it is good that they finally showed us that

  • Jessica Thomas

    I loved this episode I wish they made it an hour because it was like a special episode… oh well better than nothing:)

  • Mitchell Sheehan

    Why do ads keep playing in the background? I can’t find or see them. But they just play. Can someone help with this?

    • tjjhonson

      download adblock :)

    • Pride


  • Rix69

    mention of Batman :-O

    • Doomguard

      So it wasn’t just my imagination!

  • moon

    Felicity has a big ol booty lol seriously though she’s so cute
    And its too bad about iris and flash at the end.
    Either way i loved seeing arrow in action in this episode!

  • Josh Diaz

    I loooved when Barry cried while running.

  • Corey Potter

    where’s the next part

    • Patrick Brown!

      on arrow tomorrow

  • Bruce Wayne

    did Wells say Batman or that man?????

    • tjjhonson


  • Ahel2

    Ahhhhhh when Oliver told Barry that he had to let go of Iris and then looked at Felicity!!!!


    Connor Hawke is Coming!!! I hope.

  • Pride

    This love shit is getting on my nerves, stop this crap and stop making it so corny in arrow and flash. The girls look, like high school sluts in love

    • BobC

      Dude please watch your cuss words on this site please.

  • Pride

    love deagle “man is that not freaking you out?”

  • Nikolaos Fatouros

    i just hope we get to see more superheroes like superman

  • Shoq

    gotta love the flash and arrow working together

  • rob

    Iris proves shes a slut.

  • teetee1345

    Love this can’t wait for Supergirl to join the group.