The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 The Flash Is Born

Posted By CouchTuner On November 19, 2014





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  • dot.hex

    I bet Eddie Thawne has been from the future this whole time acting as a cop and purposely being close to Iris just to get the Flash in his evil, bigger, master plan mwuahaha…

    • OMGyouArestupid

      you can’t bet on facts, Thawne is dr zoom, daaaaaa

  • orignalflash

    well yeah he’s the one that killed barry mum

    • C’mon son

      Also according to the comic, he will also kill iris

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Jesse L. Martin has mastered the art of showing emotion I swear to God.

  • OMGyouArestupid

    that episode was Aaaawesome , this getting better and better.
    supersonic punch baby

  • Crazy Wooo

    awesome awesome awesome episode
    and that ending is sooo epic

  • T(r)ot all d way

    Although yellow streak indicates Dr Zoom…..I am not aware if in the comics he ever traveled back via the treadmill thingy to kill Nora Allen…in any case…m waiting for the episode where Grodd makes a proper appearence and subsequent reappearences…

  • Guest

    I wished they didn’t do a love line between Barry and Iris so early into the the show. I find their whole relationship now extremely awkward and a bit out of place. They could have started their love-lines later into the show.

    • Lit

      I’m actually hoping he goes for the Dr. Lady. Seems a better fit..

  • Jason Matthew Born

    zoom zoom zoom, this is already an obvious alternate timeline with people from the future trying to fix/rewrite/rework history, how big an influx will it be…

  • Pride

    who is that colossus

  • Pride

    I kind of hate this prison thing, cause really you’re just imprisoning people that don’t know how to use their power well. Like this steel guy at the end, the dude looked like he was realizing his wrong, so not lets imprison him and make him far worse and evil as before.

  • teetee1345

    Love the man of steel comment… hope the new supergirl show will clash with this one.