The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 Things You Can’t Outrun

Posted By CouchTuner On October 22, 2014



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  • QueenV

    that fake handicap guy.. what’s good with him

    • Harricoink

      he’s proffesor zoom

      • Ezio Auditore

        no he ain’t
        someone else is prof. zoom (which i know but spoilers)

  • flanders


    • flanders

      flanders 2.0

      • flanders

        flanders 3.0

  • Guest

    1:29 Daredevil easter egg!!!!

    • green_masaru

      Daredevil is marvel

      this is DC



  • Bruce Wayne

    did you guys know that the actor who plays ronnie is the brother of the actor that plays oliver queen!!

    • Freelo



      They’re not siblings.

  • #clarkmustdie

    Yes, I should not be commenting. But reaaly this show sucks, they are goin to run out of ideas really soon and it is going to get even more boring. I keep watching it because I wabt to believe it might get better. Hopefully it does, although highly unlikely.

    • AsianSteven 635

      They have 50 years of comics for ideas. They aren’t gonna run out xD

      • SAQ Rabbit

        They will run out in 50 years >_> lol

  • stupey

    am i the only one that thinks the prof is him from the future

    • no

      he is the reverse flash, he is from the future ;)

      • Arctic Ops Varus

        spoiler but yeah

    • disqus_g7XGFuaO9H

      no ur not alone

  • Joseph M. Smith

    someone else probably already threw this out….but the guy that plays Barry Allens dad is the same guy that played Barry Allen (the flash) in the old Flash TV series

  • wobapet

    Why is the FLASH cant dodge normal punches?? how come he cant come up with a normal speed…

  • Thomas Riddler

    Lol the dude is Logia

  • bob

    I’m beginning to figure out how this show works.

    Timeline of every episode:

    *Cheesy life lessons.

    *Discover a new villain.

    *First fight against villain, forgets he is the Flash, just stands there, gets beat up.

    *Dramatic scene involving girlfriend/work/sadness. Essentially
    stops time to do whatever he wants and reflect on things, mostly teenage
    angst. Takes him almost no effort.

    *Second fight against villain. Remembers he is the Flash, still
    doesn’t use his powers anywhere near even 1% of their potential but
    cranks it up to almost 1% using all the willpower he can muster by the
    end of the fight and easily beats the villain.

    *Cheesy life lessons.

    *(Spoiler) gets out of his wheelchair and does something devious.

    What do you guys think? Sorry for the spoilers but I’m pretty sure I nailed it for those of you too curious to wait.

    • Lit

      Dude this is why I hate CW man. They are repetitive and their logic sucks. How is it that he’s able to run right in front of the whole office and no one notices him “disappear”? -____- .

  • Kidflash

    So i. Guessing robbie amells character is Ronnie Raymond aka firestorm? I never caught a last name. It would explain why wells (reverse flash) seems to hate his guts

  • lennon

    i bet my gummy bears that the dude in the wheel chair was the one who killed laura (barry’s mum)