The Flash Season 1 Episode 2 Fastest Man Alive

Posted By CouchTuner On October 15, 2014



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  • Hans Gruber

    And William Sadler dies again!

  • flanders


  • lovethisshow

    great show :)

  • Andrew Blake Jones

    i thought the flash was supposed to be arrogant, flirty, obnoxious etc and not some genius kid? im only really familiar with the animated justice league version.

    • TheFirst

      They changed his character a little but I still think he acts pretty similair to the Flash in the comics. Also, this is about a younger Barry so maybe he’ll be more like the comics later on. Grant Gustin, while he doesn’t look like Barry in the comics, does a fine job in the role imo.

    • Conor Stanley

      The flash in the animated justice league was Wally West as far as i remember.

    • Cheshyre

      I had a crush on the Flash from the animated justice league version. Totally my favorite one, hahaha

    • Kidflash

      Wally west is like that. Not Barry

    • Edward Gil

      No, you’re right. In the comics (and cartoons), Flash is normally the cocky speedster type (much like characters based on him like Sonic, Dash, etc.)
      But I kinda like this version of him mainly because he’s just so likable.
      Just like in Arrow. In the comics, the Arrow is also an cocky, obnoxious, flirty, arrogant kind of guy. But in this show they basically made him Batman. And while that bugged me at first (because I didn’t like Arrow stealing from Batman) I realized that it’s still cool for this show.

  • Randy Knighton

    I need more XD

  • Dan Myers

    Not like he could have run through the building to the floor and caught him…oh wait, that is exactly what he could have done

    • I have a brain

      you try catching 175lbs dropped from several stories up!

  • mikyajy_arlene

    wow great episode 2 its worth waiting for

  • Yvonne Tjy

    wooooww the prefessor is such a badass!

  • Blake Mason

    Anyone else see the similarity of the “Static” series… a big bang happens and makes meta-humans or in static’s case bang babies?

  • Space Gandalf

    What I don’t get is why DC is bothering to create a whole story with this Flash, and linking him with Arrow (and by extension the Rhas Al Ghul storyline) when they just cast another guy for the Flash movie.
    Ever heard of continuity, DC?

    • Aeolus

      i think they/re just using different universe so that they don’t mess the continuity…. just my thought (might not be right)

  • SAQ Rabbit

    So the chick is basically a Lois Lane following a story of the “Superman” that is also a friend close to her but she doesn’t know it… AND there is romantic subplot…

  • dj

    The wheelchair guy js proffersor zoom so predictable

  • bob

    God I hate these TV superheroes, all they do is bitch and moan and look longingly at what they can’t have. Fucking lame.

    Plus a million plot holes. So flash can essentially stop time to yell at some chick but can’t do it to fight villains? He just lets them kick his ass?

  • Kidflash

    Y’all need to pick up a comic book or at least hit the DC comics wikia.. Barry Allen flash isn’t the same as animated flash or smallville impulse or the flash for dawn of justice (if he’s in it). Different universes and characters (for first two mentioned). Iris is a reporter in comic books, yes similar to Lois.
    He hasn’t fully developed his powers obviously.. He’s not even close to hitting the speeds he can later and doesn’t have almost any of the techniques he uses later like phasing, vortex’s, etc. Haters need to chill.

  • Lit

    Man, I hate CW and wish they would stop making superhero series.They always butcher the foundations of superheros and the logic is totally off.

    Let’s be real here, the fight with him and the clone-guy could’ve ended a long time ago. The fact that they were even able to land a hit on Flash is dumb. He easily dodges a bullet, but can’t dodge a fist or kick…