The Flash Season 1 Episode 17

Posted By CouchTuner On April 1, 2015





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  • #OITNB

    Yes!!!!!! I love this show!

    • Jim Ray

      Orange is the new black season 3 June 12 :)

      • #OITNB

        I know! I’m so excited! I’m waiting till 3 am like I did for season 2 to watch it! Follow me on iFunny if you have it, Orange_Is_The_New_Black

  • daniel origin

    first one to comment..yess

    • #OITNB

      haha no

  • Sriram Srikrishnan

    But did everyone also go full on fangirl when Luke Skywalker says “I am your father”

    • Beth

      I loved how dramatic they made that moment, too. An obviously intentional set-up to give all of us Star Wars fans a little nostalgic thrill, and I thank them for it. :)

      • last

        i have to totally agree, awesome moment

      • Marion Scott

        Silly Star Wars fans – thinking Mark Hamill is yours.
        Hamill also voiced the Joker in Batman: the Animated Series. He also played the Trickster in the original Flash TV series.
        So this is clearly for the DC fans, not Star Wars.

        • Beth

          I’m very well aware that Mark Hamill voiced the Joker and played the Trickster in the original Flash. I wasn’t referring to his appearance on this show as something for Star Wars fans. Obviously, that was a treat for DC fans.

          I was referring to his “I am your father” scene, the topic to which I was replying. They didn’t have to have that scene in there. They could have written it to make it so that the younger Trickster already knew who his father was. But why not make a Star Wars reference while you have a Star Wars actor on set? That was the intentional setup I was talking about.

    • TheGodFather

      You have no idea sir

    • Rix69

      best moment ever!!

    • sasdfsdfwe

      is trickster really darth vader too ???ß now that would be a hell of a trick !!!!

    • Yukia

      oh my god yesssss…..

    • crunk jews

      bro, i geeked out a little too hard at the whole episode

  • Nick Fletcher

    yes!!! Classic flash symbol (white background) confirmed!!!!!! Although I have no hatred for the red background one either

  • Sreenivas Kireeti

    Now I seriously feel bad for Wells and his wife.

  • Sreenivas Kireeti

    By the way, loved that future flash costume.

  • Drakorus Fellwing

    … Is that luke skywalker’s actor as the old trickster?

    • pain42

      yup, it was a role that he actually played ages ago, i think it was for either the original batman or the original flash series

      • Nick Fletcher

        original flash series. It’s what he based his joker stuff on later

        • Drakorus Fellwing

          … I did not know that, that’s awesome o.o

  • ♪ Solar Rab ♪

    Oh jesus that was BRILLIANT!!!!

  • thankful4streamin

    So Barry used the “FORCE” to catch a sith lord named trickster who used to be a jedi named Luke, The speed force of course. So when Barry gets lost in time, does he become yodas father?

  • my_name_jeff

    my last name is bellows lol

  • Beth

    Worst case of identity theft ever. Poor Wells.

  • Abraxas

    (SPOILER, maybe)
    Show is started to remind me of Arrow the way so many people are learning the hero’s identity. That transformation scene was kinda gruesome, imo

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    Mark Hammil as “The Joker” as “The Trickster” ladies and gents!

  • Billionaire

    The plot gets better and thicker ever week, I love this story.

  • Dimensional Walker

    So reverse Flash is from “Fringe” universe B, interesting.

  • watchtv

    Holy shit!! So the real Harrison Wells is dead?! WTF!? I did not see that coming….

    • crunk jews

      yeah, this the creators of this show have done an excellent job all season!

  • crunk jews

    the 90′s series the flash Barry Allen’s father(josh wesley shipp) was the original flash( 90′s series) and Mark hamill was the original trickster before he was the joker in the batman series. the creators of the show have done an excellent job with their plots and returning cast.

  • t-roller84

    Awesome moment!… but has anyone of you guys realized that almost every episode fails basic laws of science??? meta-humans have altered biology but no clothes. doublicating, vibrating, flaming, teleporting, turning to gas etc shouldn’t involve their clothes!!! sure it’s a fictional tv-show. but as there are so much scientific explanations I feel they should be more acurately aplied… what do you think?

    • Mike Nunyabizness

      I think you have never read nor watched anything in any comic book universe to ask such a question. Also how do you spell things incorrectly here when they have a spelling check in the comment box itself. Accurately Applied would be better…

  • Caz

    Mind blown over Wells….like wtf?? didnt see that coming!! nice one writers!! :D

  • Tiffany Bennett Macaluso

    No video available