The Flash Season 1 Episode 16

Posted By CouchTuner On March 25, 2015





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    lol a gold generating gun……..


    thats hot

  • Hans Gruber

    Iris is a mass of conflicting impulses.

  • TheGodFather

    Iris needs to be taken hostage by Cold.

    • sasdfsdfwe

      cold is smart …. he would never take such a annoying thing as hostage :-)

  • Kraany

    Finally! He actually is the fastest man alive now!

  • williepete_

    What was the point of trying to steal cash if they had a gun that coats things in gold?

    • Alister Rayner

      It was to hurt the mob. You take their money, you take their power.

  • Christopher Dahlbom Larsson

    wow! this ep was so bad. Barrys character was so out there and “The Rouges” was just so missplaced. I don’t know what Greg B and Co was doing, but clearly they wasen’t at their best. What a let down compared to last weeks episode wich was the greatest ever by the way

  • Batman

    Iris just needs to die





  • sasdfsdfwe

    how sis can great weapons out of thing air in a matter of minutes and doesn t even need parts for it :-) just a wish of a gold gun and it is done …… clearly he is a meta-human with that ability !!!!!