The Flash Season 1 Episode 15

Posted By CouchTuner On March 18, 2015





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  • Tyler Oberg


  • #OITNB

    Holy cow that was an amazing episode! I didn’t expect so many answers! And we got to see Eodbard phase through a solid object and we got to see time travel! Finally!

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  • Jim Jones

    This show is SO much better than it’s sister show Arrow. I mean damn that was great!

    • Doctor Who????

      I think Arrow is consistently better week in and week out but this was a great episode.

  • Beth Jeter

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  • Slim18

    why cisco whos gonna name the bad guys now

    • Tre_Ghost

      Barry went back in time. Events will likely change and Cisco will probably be saved

      • Slim18

        yeah but now the show will be all confusing. time travel always makes things confusing.

  • Sarah Dib

    What the heck, like shit, snap , wow that was mind blowing, what an episode, but why Cisco I loved him he made the show funny as, gonna miss him, like snap I don’t think anyone saw that coming

    • Kraany

      Barry just traveled in time, work it out for yourself

      • Sarah Dib

        Lmfao I know that lol, though I didn’t mention anything what just happen, it’s like oh wow that was amazing can’t believe it happen, it’s about time he did though.

  • Rix69

    WHAT AN EPISODE!! BUT…. everything that happened is going to be “forgotten” because Barry has gone back in time

  • xxmestxx


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      • xxmestxx



    I like arrow but this is really getting good


    BTW iris is a annoying fucking bitch

  • Ahel2

    Woooooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Woah.

  • Abraxas

    I feel like I got FLASHED! After all these revelations, I hope they save something for season 2, lol

  • John Walent

    I hate how he killed cisco!

  • Fred of the Dark



    Barry could keep it all from happening now…..and then then Cisco would be all right…and Joe wouldn’t have been grabbed…and he’d never have ended up telling Iris…..and now my head hurts.

    Good thing he hasn’t tried to save his mom yet….I mean Thomas Wayne might have ended up as Batman or something, and Atlantis might be making war on Themiscyra, and the world might be about to end.

    I wonder if that tsunami is making some butterfly flap its wings somewhere?

  • Hans Gruber

    It’s nice to finally get confirmation that every theory I had about Dr. Wells was pretty much spot on.

  • Mike Hammer

    I wish Iris would have a tragic accident

  • exoskull

    that episode is freaking awesome, cisco is still alive because he ran so fast he went back in time.. so everything that happen didnt happen great episode bravo!!!

  • Chrisz

    this episode is amazing and have mind-fucked me hard >_<

  • Lasse Carlsson

    Flashpoint Paradox :D