The Flash Season 1 Episode 14 Fallout

Posted By CouchTuner On February 18, 2015





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  • Arifjabry

    fucking first yasss atlast i achieved sumthn in life

  • x4DB .

    So.. Stein and Ronnie feel each others feelings so what happens when their ‘swords are risen’?

    • MD


    • Mike Nunyabizness

      What the hell man why you tryin to make us think of old man wood. I think I threw up a little, lol.

  • Rix69

    this show keeps getting better. Finally got to see Wells suit up

  • SAQ Rabbit

    This was a great episode… even if it was FILLED with a massive amount of cliches. Glad to see things rolling forward even faster.

  • Ezio Auditore

    loved that Ross and Rachel reference!!

  • Conor Stanley

    Love Grodd and i sense a Flashpoint scenario.

  • Sarah Dib

    I was hoping the general would stay longer, this is gonna get interesting as the grodd is in action.

  • Miles

    So at 12 minutes Barry shows his powers and retrieves a pizza. So at worst Barry just robbed a pizza-man. At best Barry just took someone pizza then paid for it. Thief? Or a dick?

    • John Walent

      Or what if Barry caught the pizza delivery guy on his way for a pizza that the professor had ordered already and shortened the trip for them.

      • Miles

        Or time travel.

  • Joe

    How did Wells beat himself up, though?! He’s the Reverse Flash and he can apparently beat himself up as both Wells and Reverse Flash… wow.

    • RNB_RNB

      If you read the comics, there are 2 reverse flash.

  • im high af

    Did the general just say ebola? Is that the biggest threat he faced before metahumans came along?

  • Windel Hernandez

    i really love this show! i also love flash tv show from the 90′s back then :)

  • John Walent

    I need to know how it come to Dr. Wells, and Barry fighting each other now causing his mom’s death.

  • Caz

    this show keeps getting better and better!

  • anger dude

    ep 15 when