The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 The Sound and the Fury

Posted By CouchTuner On January 28, 2015





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  • AnhilliatorRaids

    First comment ;)

    • Son Goku


  • Son Goku

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • pebbles

    Is wells going to end up being a villain?

    • Gabriel Pierre

      I honestly don’t think so, that would be to up front, I think theirs another speedster.

    • danquan the 27th

      he is the anti-flash which I believe is a comic book villain to the flash. So yes he is clearly a villain

    • Patti

      I dont know, but he was the red lighting illing Barris mom with the reverse flash as the yellow lighting.

  • karl

    wells is the flash but he can go so fast he travels through time so in hindsight is the future flash

    • Julien Toilliez

      But the first flash is called West like the doctor… So is he really the villain ?

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Well this was a filler episode… lol all exposition and no real conflict.

    • Samantha W

      I disagree. This episode was in no means a filler because the exposition had purpose and the conflict within this episode was cleverly written instead of thrown in our faces as usual (however I do enjoy that conflict in the show as well). This episode had so many great plot devices and it’s really is going to make the overarching plot stronger. I mean come on the first mention of ‘speed force’, A sneak peek at the group of supervillains the ‘Royal Flush Gang’ (the guys on the motorcycles at the start of the episode and of course a cool new spin on a underrated Flash villain. Plus I would like top speculate that we’ll be seeing Cisco’s ‘Vibe’ powers soon because of his little run in with the Pied Piper.

      • SAQ Rabbit

        I agree, there was a lot of information dropped on this episode, but the plot was, “there was an asshole that worked here before, hes mad and out for revenge, Flash go get him *fails*, Wells steps in with convenient resolution to bad guy conflict, more questions raised, the end.” A lot of info and set up for good episodes to come, but as far as an episode itself it lands on the low end of the episodes so far. Little “superhero-y action”, Much information dumping and set up… which is why it read to me as a filler episode.

  • Rix69

    With Eddie investigating Wells..are they setting up Eddie finding the suit/getting powers some how

  • ConCor

    Everyone talks about Wells being a villiain,but I feel like everyone forgot when wells was beaten up by the reverse flash. Maybe even the writers did, I dunno

    • Patti

      Dr Wells and the reverse flash, know each other, like, I think both of them where the ones who killed Barris mom. (there were a yellow light- reverse flash and a red light- dr wells). Something happen between them, and reverse is pretty mad at dr wells for it. And also something happened to dr wells loosing his full power. ( JUST A THEORY HERE)

  • rob

    So Dr Wells can only use his powers for a limited time and needs Barry to be able to use them infinitely?

    • Patti

      I have a theory, he needs Barry to get to the limit, to be the best, and then, don’t know why, stole his power somehow, so Dr Wells can be again speedy. What I don’t get, is…That Dr Wells might be the second red lighting that kill Barris mom, so he knows the yellow lighting guy??