The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Posted By CouchTuner On June 25, 2014



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  • Karthick

    Phew! Saved atleast one episode from the “first” mofos!!

  • Tess

    Interested in seeing if it’s any good. Thanks ct

  • Mike

    Which URL is actually correct now? .ME or .EU etc. This one is not shown in “New Release” at .EU but at .ME…like many others as well, sometimes vice versa. What is going on Couchtuner? I don’t want to complain, but it is a pain in the ass if you need to check five different URL’s in order to be up to date when it comes to new releases. Thanks anyway for this one!

    • Trina

      I think they split up. It is not the same people running this one and
      the other one. There might be some competion. That is why the dot eu has
      that phrase ‘Always remember’ followed by the domains EU,ES, COM
      etc.Notice also all the genre the dot eu doesnt upload is now on here.

      • Guest

        Thanks both to you. It was not my intention to complain. I was just curious. I didn’t know that .ME and .EU are two different “sites” using the name Couchtuner. :)

      • Mike

        Thanks to both of you. It was not my intention to complain. I was just curious and confused. I didn’t know that .ME and .EU are two different “sites” using the name Couchtuner. :)

      • aviewfromafar

        wow, I didn’t know any of this and I have watched Couch Tuner for years, Good to know.

    • Nettie02 Boone00

      Don’t know about if this is the original one or new guys have taken up, but my guilty pleasures (reality shows) are posted here, every show possible, they’re adding. so for me this is the best site. i’ll only be hooked to .ME domain now. whuppiee!!

    • JustBeGrateful

      Don’t complain too much or you might loose both just be happy we have something to watch for free. Come on man!!

    • Lee Sin

      .ME is a fake wanabe site =P it’s not the original one. And this episode wasnt suppose to air until October but it was leaked. i guess the real Couch Tuner, didnt want to upload a leaked episode which wouldn’t continue until October

      • JustBeGrateful

        Oh really? No need to bash this site. It might not be the real one but some of us like the new genres we have here. BTW many of the other big series sites do have the leaked flash episode. So maybe the real CT should get on board before they lose us fickles.

        • Lee Sin

          Why should they add it? Episode 2 won’t air till after the Pilot is officially released in October, that’s just going to piss people off

  • toxtethterror9

    reveal was too early, smh …

    • Dylan Noseworthy

      It’s not a reveal it’s a leak

  • Lee Sin


    Other then that…. It was a pretty amazing Pilot. I thought “Arrow” was pretty good and once the introduced Barry, “Flash” i was impressed!!

    Just don’t be disappointed when you don’t see any more episodes until October 2014.

    • aviewfromafar

      Thanks for info.

    • aranab

      xD I wonder how many people will think the show must have been cancelled since there’s been no new episodes for months :P

  • Jad Boukai

    To the bottom left of the holographic newspaper, it said Wayne Tech and Queen Inc Merger complete…

    Justice League anyone

    • Lachylord

      Isn’t it obvious because there’s the flash arrow (green arrow) and the new Gotham series witch is of batmans childhood so they all must be just origin stories for one big TV show or movie

      • Jad Boukai

        No, you can’t just look at the titles. Flash and Arrow are distributed and made through CW, a specific network, that’s why the two series can intertwine and are considered to be the same universe.

        The upcoming Gotham show will be distributed and made under FOX, therefore isolating the series from Flash and Arrow.

        That being said, even if they do show Batman in Flash or Arrow, it will not be the same Batman that will be in Gotham

        • Anton Shields

          you are right though i don’t like the fact that personal greed has destroyed the dc universe

  • TrevonMarrast

    This was the pinnacle of epicness!

  • Greg

    Scoop good please CW pick up this show and have it lead to a Justise league show that brings back the Smallville cast

    • Chris C

      support 100%

    • TheFirst

      While that would be awesome, I don’t think that’ll happen. This show takes place in the same universe as Arrow and since Smallville also had it’s own version of the Green Arrow it obviously takes place in another universe.

      So unless they do a parallel universe-esque story I don’t think we’ll see the Smallville cast (sadly).

      However, I do want to see a sort of team-up special of the heroes in the Arrow universe. That would be awesome. :)

  • nigita

    does anyone else things that the guy on the end in the wheelchair had killed Barry’s mom?? because i do think so

    • Sagar L.

      The identity of the person that killed his mom is widely known. If you don’t already know, you can look it up. Or don’t if you want to be surprised later.

    • Barney Young-Southward

      it was eddie thorne because he is reverse flash google it

    • from562

      it’s the cop who killed his mom not the guy in the wheelchair

      • Breaking Dead

        It’s oviously the guy in the wheelchair his character is the main badguy of the series (spoiler) he is professor zoom because the original professor zoom came from the future the cop becomes the second after he is paralysed and tries to use the cosmic treadmill to fix his legs god read the comics people

        • from562

          Are you sure? thats weird because after reading the comment I replied to I looked on wikipedia and they have Eddie Thawne the cop listed as professor zoom not the guy in the wheel chair

        • from562
        • Anton Shields

          LOL asking this generation to read comic is like asking to read books. lol I am still glad that people still love the comic books as i did growing up. Maybe the movies and the series will ignite a spark in the viewer to read the comics lol but that is a stretch of a imagination to hope for but likey will never come to fruition

      • quicksilver

        The man that killed barry’s mom(eobard thawne/ harrison wells) is called the reverse flash. The cop(eddie thawne) is called professor zoom.

  • Dominic Alexander

    “Hands off my fries”

    she gets horny!

  • Annie

    Wow, that was an awesome episode!!! Came out much earlier than I had expected, but then again it was leaked online. LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait for new ep, which may only come out in a couple of months -_-

    • Hans Gruber

      It actually came out in October… but well, time has no meaning when you can travel faster than light…

  • ben

    Anyone know when the next episode is up ??

    • Dylan Noseworthy

      Sometime in October

  • Kirk Thomas

    Can anyone else see this going into a justice league movie in 2025!!! And that arrow, flash, soon to be but still only possibly green lantern series, Gotham because 10 years of that would make Bruce just about ready to kick some Gotham ass himself… So I don’t see a superman series coming to quickly as smallville was so recent but that could be the 2020 opener that they hopefully don’t bulls up to much again!!! But yeah who else… Hmmm Martian manhunter series would be epic!!! Sooo can’t just be me thinking this right!

    • Lachylord

      Aqua man and maybe cyborg would be good

    • Anton Shields

      They have already planned a Justice league movie. Though i love the fact they are making the characters from the DC universe a reality on screen, there is a monumental element of greed here. Though its smart to intertwine these characters to make the viewers enjoy their favorite characters in other adventures. As we have seen in the Avengers movie. As you are aware already the market for super heroes is the biggest cash crop seen to date. The tv series also will and have played a big part of CW’s universe. The money they will make off this will be astronomical. I just hope CW can keep the main objective in view and not be swerved by dollars. Only one can hope!! lol

  • Odachi

    The wheelchair guy will end up being the flash he somehow came back in time accidentally killed his own mother and has been waiting for his young self to grow up and fix it all, atleast that is my quess.

  • jordan999fire

    This is awesome did anyone else see the Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. at the bottom of the future news paper JUSTICE LEAGUE ASSEMBLE

  • frankie

    when next ep coming out

  • flanders


  • sl

    on the article at the end it says wayne/tech/queen merger .. wonder what thats about

  • Noneedtoknow

    Is it just me or does the girl kind or remind anybody else of Katy Cassidy??

    • Isaac Tesunbi

      i think she’s more or less Cassidy’s character, except black, and in The Flash rather than the Arrow. She has the same kind of emotional pull on the main character. Circumstances are a bit different though

  • Anton Shields

    Not bad at all!! I am impressed with writers ability to stayed focused on the story and the station’s ability to have top notch actors to convey this story. Though i always keep a low level of skepticism when to human beings finishing strong, lol i can still believe or have “faith” that they will keep to the story.

  • Matt

    why can’t i find a version that doesn’t have the music over the voices?!

  • anon

    where the fuck is the show? why still have it listed if you can’t watch?