The Flash S1E23 Fast Enough

Posted By CouchTuner On May 20, 2015





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  • Julie T

    I don’t understand why didn’t he save his mom?

    • Michael

      Him from the future that saved young him from the past told current him not to.

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      look around for a copy of “justice league: flashpoint” there is a… torrent of answers to your question in that movie.

    • Pride

      what’s more important a life you know or a life you don’t know? He knew everyone and loved so many people, even if love for Iris could be different if his mother lives.

    • Noel

      What Micheal says. lol

  • liam

    the reason is if he saved his mum he would alter the time contume and he wouldnt be the flash anymore

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    well, anyone want to bet on all that unhappening next season?

    • last

      halfway through this episode, season 2 starts like this,
      -cut to red blur running through the streets
      -shot of outside house
      -inside of house, blur rushes out to leave barry stranded
      -cut to previous red blur entering house just as red blur #2 leaves with young barry
      -cut to wells and young flash in house

      then some shotty dialogue
      “So i see it worked this time barry”
      “I stopped you from killing my mom she’s not dead yet, she’s just unconcious”
      “Barry barry barry, i wasn’t the one who stabbed your mother in the heart, it was you”
      “Wuh wuh”
      “When you leave to save yourself, the knife on the shelf falls over and stabs your mother in the heart.”
      -cut to cisco getting all angry, then traveling back in time to stop barry.

      ….BAWK bawkaGAWK

      • last

        damn was i close.

  • Chrome

    Eddie didn’t have to kill himself he could have just shot himself in the dick. That way he can never have sex.

    • Pride

      Moron…you still could have kids if you shoot the cock. You would have to remove the sperm sack.

      • Chrome

        I’m sure if you blow your dick off the explosion from the bullet would destroy you entire sack.

        • Pride

          bullets dont explode

          • steeb

            This is a moronic conversation.

    • popober

      But would you want to live a life like that? I mean I know I wouldn’t. I mean damn. Shot in the dick? Damn. Painful and emasculating. Mostly painful. And no dick.

    • Duh

      eddie couldve just taunted suicide to keep reverse flash in check

  • popober

    So… that was several different kinds of forced. And all the characters changing personalities just to feed the whole “should or should not” conundrum. And that massive cliffhanger? Goddammit. Honestly, I didn’t like this finale.

  • Rix69

    Not the BIG “twist” i was looking forward to

    • jj123


  • jj123

    when is season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone plz tell me if they know

    • Doctor Who????

      The show debuted in early October 2014 so season 2 should air in October 2015.

  • PlagueRat

    In a parallel universe yeah, nut in their universe everything happened as it did. Barrys mom was killed by a name from the future who got erased…however It would be cool if they did that but in which case the black hole wouldn’t be there or Ronnie and Barry wouldn’t be the flash etc.