The Flash S1E22 Rogue Air

Posted By CouchTuner On May 13, 2015





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  • 3minspastnever

    …and in a flash i was first.

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      next time think about baseball scores.

  • Ryan Grant


  • Ryan Grant

    it is taking forever

  • Nevieth


    Oliver kicked ass, and I can’t believe they actually caught Dr. Wells.

    This is definitely going to be awesome, and to think the Flash just got help from the Demon’s Head.

    • Billionaire

      You need to chill. For real for real. Why Ruin it For Everyone. be Vague.

      • Tre_Ghost

        They gave a spoiler alert for one thing, and why would you read the comment section for a show you’re about to watch if you didn’t want to know anything about the episode? Seems to me like its your own fault

      • Lomus.

        Seeing as everyone with sense has already seen the episode before reading the comments, how has it been ruined for anyone?

        And for those without sense, they’re most likely dumb enough to not understand that Arrow and the Flash share a universe, so they’d just be confused anyway.


    lol u mean to tell me Lenard/CaptCold’s evil sister has a gold generating gun and they’re still pulling bank robberies?!?

    • IamhotUArnot

      Yeah, they have to invent an whole new word to describe the idiocy of these writers.

    • Skarmotastic

      He flat out said multiple times that he likes robbing people. It’s not so much about the money as it is the thrill for them.

    • Lomus.

      I doubt it actually makes gold, it probably has some polymerising effect with a gold colour.

  • IamhotUArnot

    Felicity and Iris need to die……..NOW! They are both ruining their shows respectively.

    • Kyle

      Totally agree with you mate. As soon as they knew who was the reverse flash, they should have started to construct a lab that could withstand the reverse flash attack or anyone else that is trying to intrude the lab. Well I guess, that is what doesn’t makes any sense the most.

  • Pride

    Kind of odd having Arrow come on here when he is with the league and going through the things he is…. So his friends are dying or whatever in the room, in prison in his area and he has time to come here and help barry but isn’t helping his friends? So weird, unless this is after the fact but then again he is wearing black so meaning he’s still with the league. This cross shows thing is getting worse and worse cause the writing is getting worse and worse.

    • Skarmotastic

      This episode is supposed to take place before Arrow 22. Flash just had an extra week off.

    • Lomus.

      I’m pretty sure this is post-Arrow finale, and that Oliver keeps the costume – he doesn’t have to change back to abandon the League.

  • Andrew Blake Jones


    Dr. Wells said oliver is is going to live to be 86. I guess we dont have to worry about oliver dying anytime soon

    • kiichan

      True, but the future could still possibly change, not that i dont want Oliver to live a long life.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    “… after one of their test pilots disappeared” and if we are very lucky we will never see him again, or if we do it will be with decent effects and a MUCH better script.

    • Lomus.

      With the Green Lantern Diggle rumours, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve got that planned (it might just be an easter egg, or they could feature GL briefly in the new spinoff).

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        i doubt very much that will happen.

  • Spectra

    OMG!!!!! its not the writers problem u that u guys cant understand the show….really u kids are soo dumb…The arrow said “I might need a favour from u” so isnt he technically talking about his problems with Ras al ghul..and to think about it..other people are also important..who knows what the reverse flash was capable of he could have just killed the entire planet if he just wanted to…so arrow also needs a break from his show to kick butt with the flash

    • Killius

      you need to work on your English and theories, it’s a season finale meaning the two shows might merge for one episode next year then go back to the usual.

  • kiichan

    Too bad Eddie and Iris dont stay a couple instead