The Flash S1E19 Who Is Harrison Wells?

Posted By CouchTuner On April 22, 2015





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  • hoasdfhoi

    they could just test his hand for GSR (gun shot residue)

    • awwffsgetagrip

      they did

    • Rix69

      you must have missed that part lol

  • Hans Gruber

    The head was all skull, but the hand still had all the skin on it.

    • Billionaire

      Lol You Think Bodies decay equally?

  • popober

    Barry runs in to catch perp and, instead of just doing so, stops just 5 feet of said perp to scream out “you can’t outrun me,” allowing perp to demonstrate powers and get away.

    Wut. Come on Barry, you can move faster than that guy can touch people to change forms. At the very least.

    • sasdfsdfwe

      but thats the whole point of the series^^. if the speed would apply at the first encounter noone would watch it^^. Just take this repisode as example. it would be over at min 15 when hefirst saw him …. catch him put him in star lab catge before he even notive :-). His speed always appls at the 2ed encounter and not alwayd there.

      • popober

        I know it’s an inherent problem with any superhero story. It’s just really dumb and I wish they’d at least try to write plots that avoid such things.