The Day Israel Attacked America

Posted By CouchTuner On August 5, 2015




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  • Bellerose

    Seems legit

  • guest

    Interesting take…But still propaganda.
    The fact of the matter is that if the Israelis truly wanted the Liberty at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, It would have been sent to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.
    Here’s some facts that may bring a little more light:
    The Liberty was extremely sophisticated for the time, it was like a Hoover vacuum, It vacuums ALL communications including (and this is the point the Israelis cared about) super secret Israeli channels of communication. Yet it wasn’t the fact that US had this capability that bothered them (the attack would have come much sooner in that case), but rather WHO they were sharing this intel with.
    Once they figured out that the US was sharing intel with the Arabs, they set about to blind the Liberty. Why bother using Napalm if you plan to send a ship to it’s grave? The Napalm was used to melt the aluminum masts and antenna.
    The torpedo was highly targeted to destroy a certain part of the ship without sinking it. The strafing was used to keep the crew below decks with their heads down, the armor piercing munitions were not targeted below the water line.
    I’m anti-zionist as they come, they took complete advantage of the US while distracted by the Vietnam war, The Jews have held too much power over the US and Russia even prior to the foundation of Israel proper. But in this case, and I’ve studied it enough, It was the US playing games and performing a balancing act between the Jews and the Arabs (who’s oil the US needed for War). The Jews (who have no oil) just called them on it, and the crew of the Liberty were just innocent pawns.

  • Julia

    The Incident itself doesn’t bother me as much as the Fact that it has taken this long for a “Main Stream” documentary to come out, and that the Jewish controlled Media did such a great job of covering this up for 47 years.

    When are people going to understand that Everything they Think they know about ANYTHING is Completely Wrong because they have Only been told
    the “Story” that the Jewish Media has Told them.

    Everything that we have been told from WWI, WWII, JFK, to 911 is all
    a Big Lie! – and it has been fed to us by the Jewish Controlled Media.

    The TRUTH is Out There… but if you are Not Afraid to Hear it, you have to Dig for it on the Web… as the Jews don’t control all of the World Wide Web.
    …but you better hurry, because soon they will. It’s in the works.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    what a great way to get internet tinfoil racists to come out and play!