The Bad Girls Club Season 12 Episode 11 Family Affairs

Posted By CouchTuner On July 30, 2014





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  • sonstef

    Somebody please tell me why is Jonica, Asia & Slim on this show? ??? I mean I thought this was called bad club& the only thing they do bad is probably cuss. And this is the weakest bad club season by far! !! I mean these girls SUCK!!!!!!! Especially the black girl’s, well most of them r Oreos=half breeds. Straight SELL-OUTS!!! Let some ol Lora the life coach tell them about they’re lives.

  • sonstef

    News flash Jada, your brother do not have a SOUL. Soul r only in SUN people & that’s why america calls US Soul People. Soul Music& Soul Food

  • sonstef

    Soul is rhythm and it is 9 either , which is in the woolly hair people that have melanin skin. So to dwell under the sun, with our hair sticking straight up to the sky to receive the energy from the Sun. And Jada your brother is a complete opposite of that…he has 6 either & his hair hangs straight down to the ground. Sun people r nine to the ninth power of nine=999 & he is yellow thin hair , the book of Leviticus 9-32 to 36 leprosy in the hair and it yellow thin hair

    • The Mynxie One

      You are one ignorant individual. Nothing you say makes any sense and sounds full on retarded. Never go full retard.

  • clubmind

    I am so glad that red is gone.she needs to focus on progressing as an individual at home.hopeful she achieves the peace she’s been looking for because if she continues on the path she is now there won’t be a happy ending.