The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11 The Women Tell All

Posted By CouchTuner On March 3, 2015





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  • patrice

    Kelsey has a Jodia Arias vibe. Seriously. And what is this sniffling thing. It is like her attempt a fake cry. I would be contacting my child’s school if she were the counselor and requesting she be terminated. She has no business in a position of influence in childrens/teenagers lives. That is disconcerting.

  • patrice

    There are too many strange statements and red flags with Kelsey to recount, however, I found her stating that she was “once somebody’s very, very important person in their life” to describe being married as so odd. And I read the obituary for her husband….holy smokes…. It is literally all about her. She is diagnosable. It really isnt funny. She has serious problems.

  • patrice

    If I were Sanderson Poe’s family, I would be getting his body exhumed and make sure there was no foul play. something is really wrong with this woman. I am not being sarcastic.

  • livinglife

    can someone pls leave the link to chris’s blog. iv been searching for it

  • patrice

    This bitch would say 1 sentence and sniff. Another sentence and sniffle with no tears. Then referring to samantha as “sammy” as if they were old friends. Also, she constantly refers to her “story”. She never speaks about her life. It’s “my story”. Subliminal “full of crap” message.