The Affair Season 1 Episode 2

Posted By CouchTuner On October 20, 2014



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  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Two different versions of the same story, I wonder which story is the truth!

    • Clare Mcalister-Raeburn

      Truth will always lie somewhere in between disparate versions. Gender is one division that creates a separate vision of the events, but so is local vs. outsider, and their different private lives of pain and torment that create their separate motivations for The Affair. Ronaldo: you and Suzanne, well it’s wonderful to read two people being courteous and friendly to each other on these “opinion” sites on the internet for a change!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Are male and female always this bias when they’re telling the same story(?)!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    I’m so glad Joshua Jackson is on this show, I really liked him on Fringe.

    • Suzalay10

      Hi Ronaldo! Missed you again on POI. :(
      Glad you are watching this show too!
      I am really hoping that this show continues! I thought that the actress
      who plays “Allison” was great & such a trip in the show “Luther”, so I had to see what she’d do with a different character.
      Oh, I was also so happy to see Joshua Jackson on here! I miss “Fringe”, don’t you? I loved that show soo much, especially the character “Walter”.
      I hope that your week is going well! Peace~~ Suzanne
      Thank you for being so sweet and being yourself- a real gentleman! Take care!

      • Ronaldo De Lima

        Hi Suzanne, I’m so happy to see you here – I guess great minds think alike! :-) Yeah I hope so too this show will have a 2nd season. There is no show like this anywhere on TV at the moment. I really enjoyed it. I was thinking where have I seen “Allison” until you mentioned 1 of my favourite shows ever – Luther. Thank you so much for reminding me that. Oh you have no idea how much I missed Fringe, my top 10 favourite shows of all-time! I have never met anyone on internet as kind as you Suzanne and for that, I thank you. Continue to be awesome! Have a fabulous weekend. x

  • Harmya

    Kind of slow to get to the point!