The 100 Season 2 Episode 7 Long Into an Abyss

Posted By CouchTuner On December 11, 2014





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  • Hans Gruber

    Finn pretty much deserves it.

    • Nutmeg Buchanan

      im with you on this

      • Caz

        Finn had this coming!!

  • Julie T

    WTF with “mid season finales?”

    • Josh Emeriewen

      there are 16 episodes in this series 2 and the next episode will be
      number 8 so half of 16 is 8 , hence why it’s the finale of the
      mid-season(half a season)

      • Julie T

        I understand the what, not the why. Why all of the sudden do we have to wait in between? It never used to be this way, and we used to have more episodes altogether. Sucks.

        • SBolivar

          sucks bigtime

  • Nutmeg Buchanan

    finn such a waste for shooting up those grounders allow going that far some girl and the mounting peps are psychos also the sky crew are in a hep of **** this is getting good!!!!

  • Lit

    Honestly, Finn was the best character of the show until he did a 180 all of a sudden. Clarke continues to annoy me for some reason. Wish someone else was the MC.

  • Marc-n Jj Mallyon

    when is the next episode? cant wait…

    • LaDoctora

      January 21st I think.

  • Tess

    Seriously? How many innocent kids did the ground ers kill when the show started? Hipocracy much?!

  • Tessa Lynn

    I’ve just watched so many shows portray females as weak and I’m astounded by how accurately we are presented here. We can easily fight like men, given the determination and training. Also, we’d need something to fight for. I think Clarke is just so much better than a lot of other female characters on other shows because it isn’t always about one boy or girl who they’re in love with. When she closed the doors at their old camp, she closed them knowing that Finn was out there but she did it anyways because it was the best choice for the group as a whole. When she saw Finn killing innocent people, she didn’t immediately forgive him because she knew what he did was wrong. I just love how real she is.