The 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Human Trials

Posted By CouchTuner On November 20, 2014





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  • kobeintheclutch

    Love this show

  • Hans Gruber

    Awww…. isn’t that sweet? Clarke and her mom have matching forehead scars.

  • Caz

    Geez intense episode to leave some serious repercussions to come!!

  • ApocalypseD

    Holy Damn!! That was soo intense XDXDXD

  • Bob Dobbs

    Apparently the Lincoln Memorial is just a quick little hike from Mt. Weather, Virginia.

    • Bob Dobbs

      even tho they are 48 miles apart

  • Tess

    So so very sad. He’s done gone and lost his mind :(

  • Andrew Blake Jones

    i dont understand why they totally switched Finn and Bellamy’s personalities

    • knn

      bellamy was never a murderer

      • Justin Cronkright

        No it’s the idiocracy aspect that switched I’d say…

  • Andrew Blake Jones

    and its obvious they released radiation on purpose so Jasper would try to save her and they could test using sky people.

  • Dionysius

    Dam it!!! Finn was my favorite last season!

  • vanessa

    I’m so glad I stayed with this show…love it! Great episode :)

  • SwaptionsNG

    can somebody shoot the blond head of security cunt already>??? what a bitch!

  • Crystal Holloway

    I can’t believe Finn has gone crazy like that… But I just love Bellamy..

  • Lit

    They must have the shittiest watch guards to not see 3 people leave in broad daylight in an open field????

  • Lukenator

    I really want lincoln to become president
    itd be funny