The 100 Season 2 Episode 16

Posted By CouchTuner On March 12, 2015





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  • mark anonimus


  • Justin Cronkright

    Fucking pathetic… Right from the beginning. I hate American TV more and more every day and I have no idea how that is even possible.

    • Harmya

      lol… try German, Swiss, Indian shows… tell me after how u like those… I’m just curious :)

    • Snapperfisho

      lol try the bbc crap

  • Snapperfisho

    the show gives new twists and turns every week whats not to like , unless you like predictable shows

  • Harmya

    I just don’t get it why Clark (the role) has to play that ridiculous “run away” after saving her people! And that other one running and crying over his not even girlfriend… what? leave everybody to die just to save her? I hope everyone will move in Malhaeven… it’s a nice place to live after cleaning the place…

    • TimeWarpEffect

      I know where you are coming from but two people don’t have to be classified as ” Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend” to be deeply in love, if you look back they fell in love almost instantly, Jasper and Maya fell in love with each other and they both risked their lives for one another, Jasper was crying because he had lost the only girl he had fallen properly in love with. If I was to kill someone who you loved wouldn’t you be devastated and distraught? Or if someone was to help you escape an almost definite death then witness said person dying as a way to let you live ? Put it like this, He loved her, she loved him. That is why he was angry and upset and as for Clarke, Imagine sacrificing hundreds of lives to let people you know live, now imagine having to kill people who helped you escape from an almost un-escapable death camp to set those people free and day after day having too see not only those people you saved but those you massacred to let them live.. That is why she ran, that is why she didn’t want to go home and that is why she says “I bare it so they don’t have to”, She doesn’t want those people to feel accountable for all those who died in Mt.Weather.

      • Harmya

        Hum… I get it for Jasper… but Clarke leaving because she saved their lives at the expense of those who wanted to bleed them to death.. :/
        Your too romantic :))

        • Caz

          nothing wrong being romantic :)
          clarke left cuz she couldn’t deal with pplz looking at her everyday knowing what she sacrificed for them to be alive, though we know they would see it as a necessity of war, but people especially leaders always second guess their actions, if only it turned out differently (but it didnt).
          im glad she’s left the camp.
          Who knows who else Clarke is gonna meet on the road?

          I know pplz are going on about Clarke and Bellamy, but at this stage I feel that they shouldn’t hook up (yes i know i am a huge Clexa fan – who knows even though the actress has left for another show and her character basically betrayed Clarke and the sky people to save her own over Clarke’s, but Lexa said all throughout season “love is weakness – so theres unfinished territory between those two!)
          Anyone got any theories for season 3??

          • Harmya

            ur definitely a romantic ;)

          • Caz


          • Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

            Why don’t the two of you kiss and get it over with *Rolls eyes*

          • Caz


          • Harmya

            Hihihi :)

          • Caz

            hihihihihihi back ;)

  • Inês Castro

    she didn’t have to kill all those people. she could just threaten Cage to do it and then he would back off

    • hezaaa

      at point 18:50 she says: “If you don’t let them go, i will radiate level 5.” She gave him a chance to surrender and give her people back without any more people dying, but Cage wanted to revenge his father’s death by killing Abby. Clarke also gave him a chance to surrender before she shot his father and when he refused she shot his father to show him that she was not playing around.

    • Louisiana

      he would definitely not back off, and now every mountain man is dead.. and you know what? Who cares, they were a pain in the ass anyway. Sorry for being rude, but seriously they were. And now we don’t have to worry about them anymore, instead we can care about what Thelonious now has got himself into…. and Murphy for that sake

  • Professional Account

    Couldn’t they have found anyone better than E. Taylor to play Clarke? It pains me every week… I’m not sure why I continue to watch this show – it is the last on the circuit – maybe just curious how much worse or hoping it gets a little easier to watch. I like the premise, but the acting is so messed up it will never be what it could have been.

  • Imperialist

    The Mountain men are a metaphor for the German people during ww2. The Nazi’s were doing all the shit and the Germans knew but they choose not to act. But many did, such as Maya, her father, mother and President Dante, etc… I like how this show actually has them feel for what they did. Unlike in real life we glorify murdering millions of innocent German civilians when we have Remembrance Day for WW2 vets. They may have killed some evil Nazi’s but I can assure you many of them killed, raped and tortured innocent German civilians. But Maya does say “None of us is innocent” which is a reference to the fact yes the Germans suffered alot, but they did start the war and all the killing was because of them. So it’s cool connecting real life events to tv shows and other stuff. Well that’s my time… Peace.

    • guest

      ok to get you out of ur dream haha
      it wasnt started nor ended by germany lol

      • Marc Beaulieu

        Elaborate please?

      • trey young

        America began World War one and two. Just as America began the Iran/Iraq wars. it’s all for profit and domination of as many territories as possible. I’m black in America so I know a little something about genocide, considering that my people are currently going through one as we speak.

        • Nothing to do with the Episode

          This has got to be one of the single most retarded posts I have read. That includes those on social media and news and etc… Black people are not being genocided in the US of you would be getting killed as we speak and not just one or two but ALL of them. So claiming that you are going through one is ignorant and misinformed on many levels. Furthermore America didn’t start any war with Iran, and the Iraq war is not a thing either as we never officially declared war but entered into a “state of emergency”. Please tell me how exactly America seeks to dominate and profit territories when the current administration has lost more territories and military bases around the world then any other.
          Now to WW1 & WW2; WW1 America was not even involved in until the final year of the war, boots on the ground wise. There are a hundred different reasons why ACTUAL HISTORIANS claim WW1 occured but not in a single one does America come up. Then in WW2 it began with the German invasion of Poland and then France, so yeah Nazi’s started WW2 deal with it.

          LASTLY HOW THE FUCK DOES BEING BLACK GIVE YOU ANY CREDIBILITY!!! I am a Latin American therefor I must know a lot about drugs right after all my people are known for their cartels in America. Seriously shut the fuck up, never speak again unless you educate your own damn self.

          • trey young

            I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and assume that your not very well learned. Firstly, you clearly have never read the art of war or else you never would’ve said half the things you did. Secondly, Latin Americans are simply Spanish speaking Africans as well as the native Americans that were moors as well. Do your research before you come at me typing in all caps like that solidifies your point. Thirdly, genocide can be accomplished in many methods such as biological(AIDS), economical(ghettos), as well as cultural (deprive a people of their language). The moors enslaved Caucasians first and thus chattel slavery was simply childish revenge for that. Read a damn book.

      • Imperialist

        Okay buddy i wasn’t even talking about that, all i said was the Mountain men were doing things like mad experiments like the Nazi’s did, they started doing mad shit because they were despite to survive or at least win the war. But I agree they didn’t technically start the war. Germany didn’t start the war in ww1 but the Nazi’s kinda were asking for it buddy in ww2 for certain.

  • WierdGuy123!@#

    Why couldn’t jasper just take one of those blood things and give it to his girlfriend…. ugh

  • bella

    i kidnda hate clarke for killing maya

  • bella

    nooooooooooooooooooooo clarke get back here

  • JayBird

    Hahaha this show only made it due to hot chicks. The writing and acting is awful. But I do like a “end of the world story” theme.