The 100 Season 2 Episode 11 Coup de Grâce

Posted By CouchTuner On February 5, 2015





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  • Hans Gruber

    In the future everybody’s blood type is “O”.

    • DBruv

      O Rh Neg is the universal donor in Emergencies.

  • QLe

    Why is Belemy screaming?? its just a shower O_o

    • emily

      i dont feel like explaining u dumbass

    • trey young

      This is what is known as “sanitizing” which is basically using water hot enough to burn bacteria but not hot enough to burn skin which coincidentally is extremely hot and a very painful process. They did this to the Jews during the holocaust. They also do it in most prisons if inmates refuse to shower for long periods of time.

  • Hans Gruber

    Bellamy sure looks dorky in that hat.

  • Aryia

    Wow, using missiles. He’s got a big dick.. not

  • Caz

    Great ep….hahaha take that mama chancellor! Grounders have more respect for clarke than ya! hahaha

  • Guest

    oh my god, I cannot stand Clarke and her mom. How did they become in charge of pretty much everything?….I don’t see the strong women that they are trying to pain here, I see dumb and dumber. Plus the writing of this show makes everyone look so robotic.

  • Tessa Lynn

    Oh no, Bellamy! Clarke needs to step up her game and get this rescue mission going because things aren’t looking good.

  • trey young

    this may be minor but why the hell do the guards wear hats when they never go outside? wouldnt the bulletproof vests distinguish them from everyone else?

  • bella

    boom abby take that