The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 The 48

Posted By CouchTuner On October 23, 2014



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  • Celaena

    Thank you Couchtuner

  • Guest

    Nooooo I hate the mounth weather thing guys…..can’t trust them…it looks like a cult. lol like Mormons :P

  • Sophie Quézel Poirier

    Noooo you can’t trust them it’s like a cult :S

  • Caz

    Mount Weather….yep its already storming like a bitch!!

  • vanessa

    OMG,Great start to the season,Thanks CT

  • Andrew Blake Jones

    its simple why they dont want them to leave. They want them to breed and past down their genes probably

  • Kamie

    why can’t i watch any show? Nothing will load.

  • Lit

    After 1 whole season, I still think Clarke is a terrible main character. Wish Finn, Raven, or even Bellamy was MC.

  • egginator

    clarke is so annoying can she please get killed off soon

  • Tessa Lynn

    People always ask for female main characters and then people complain when they get killed off. You guys are asking for Clarke to die. Obviously they aren’t going to kill her because she’s an important part of the show, and like it or not, she’s here to stay. If you’re not happy with it, watch something else. But I actually think she’s great. Her and Bellamy make an awesome team. She thinks mostly with her heart, and Bell thinks mostly with his head. Together they can make pretty great decisions for the group. Alone they can still get things done. Clarke makes a lot of smart choices that I’d never even think of if I were her. She’s brave and compassionate and puts herself in front of others. So, you’re not really cool by saying she’s annoying. Want an annoying character? Elena from The Vampire Diaries. I watch pretty much all the popular shows on TV. I can tell an annoying character from a badass one. And Clarke is awesome. Please, give me one example of how she isn’t. (And don’t just list every mistake she’s ever made. Everybody makes mistakes. They’ve spent their entire lives being taken care of in space and are now expected to live on their own. Clarke is basically responsible for taking care of the entire group. Which, I believe is like +70 people at this point. She’s got a lot to worry about. You can’t expect her to not screw up. She’s a human being on this show and this is only season 2. She’s not even been on Earth for a year yet. Probably not even a month. Give her character some time to develop and learn. Ugh. )

  • Tessa Lynn

    I don’t trust these people. The same thing is happening on The Walking Dead. A bunch of annoyingly civilized people being all domestic in a world that needs warriors. I can already tell somethings gonna go down. I’m only 13 minutes in but I seriously hope Bellamy gets them out of there (they should steal as many supplies as possible first, though)

  • Tessa Lynn

    Ew that old guy freaks me out. “Welcome to Mount Weather” reminds me a lot of “Welcome to Terminus”. I really hope they aren’t some kind of freaky cannibals. >:c

  • Tessa Lynn

    Oh my god???? Clarke is so badass! I swear sometimes her and Bellamy are the only smart ones. Probably the most intelligent people on Earth at the moment, besides possibly the people who just arrived on the Ark and Raven. I’m glad she’s at least trying to leave. That place is messed up. I can feel it, man.

  • Tessa Lynn

    ((Excuse my crazy comments. I just need to rant because I’m excited. I’ve been binge-watching The 100 all night.))