Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Weaponized

Posted By CouchTuner On August 5, 2014





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  • Augman

    lol looks like im the first to watch this episode, earlier uploded

  • HayleyRosa Bartos

    why is malia upset? im so confused??

    • Jack Mills

      Because nobody told her she was Peters daughter

      • HayleyRosa Bartos

        oh okay thank you!

        • thewiz

          its not peters daughter. peter killed her family.

          • cath <3

            he is ! he was told a couple of shows before she came into teen wolf ! peter is her dad and that is why she is upset no other reason

          • divHunter

            In the earlier season, Malia actually admits that her family (aside from her dad) died because of her first shift.

  • deathwish

    I feel like this episode is just to let malia know that petter is her dad and to show us what the Hunters are able to do so I feel like the next episode is going to be a big on

    • thewiz

      Peter was the one who killed her family. Peter isn’t her dad. her dad is that dude in the woods when they set her free last season.

      • lilia martinez

        Peter is her dad did you not see the last season? Peter didn’t kill her family, Malia did. Her mom either cheated on her “father” or she was pregnant before she met him but Peter is her dad. Lydia figured it out last season when peter asked her to use Talia’s claws ( derek’s mom and Peter’s sister) to know the memory she took away from him.

        • divHunter

          What if Malia was adopted?

  • eeeee

    where was Liam in this episode?

  • lakiya

    wow malia is worth 4$

    • lolol

      good or bad thing? cause the others were a lot more than her

      • Red Darkness

        it would be good cause usually the killers would go for the higher amount, right?

    • lilia martinez


  • crazyteenwolffan

    whats the song called at the end of the episode?