Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 5 I.E.D.

Posted By CouchTuner On July 22, 2014





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  • D.G

    Scott was true alpha there at the ending…….. so this is going to be awesome

    • Gerard Takman

      i think very confusing because if Scott is true alfa why are he week it does not make sense???

      • pizza

        ‘you’ don’t make sense

        • Lukas


      • emma

        i think its cause when he bit him it was the only way to save his life he wasnt biting him cause he wanted a pack

  • TheAlpha-XQ

    I had to rewatch scotts alpha moment, scott’s gonna be a good leader for liam and hopefully more betas

  • Bernie

    Scott finally went beast mode!

    • Victoria

      Lol for real

  • lolol

    yes scott !!! its about time

  • Christian Gorka

    lol scots strong now because he turned liam. an alpha gets strong for everyone member in hsi pack that he turned plus he finnaly sued to being an alpha

    • corey

      yeah but does that only last while liam is innocent? because if scott kills he loses power so does that happen if he has killers in his pack?

  • egern

    when do the next episode come?

  • Victoria

    Coach and styles are soooo funny you gotta love’em. I knew scoot wasn’t going to die. I hope Christopher dont try to kill Derek because of what “grandma” daid. An alpha having a beta is like a parent having a baby

    • emma

      literally the coach and stiles (thats how u spell it) have the funniest relationship ever

  • SpideyLex

    I’m getting tired of all these freshmen lol.

  • Megan M

    i cant wait for tomorrows episode!! i kinds want Chris to die. hes got no one left but also to help Scott and Derek kill those mexican hunters!!

  • konata katsu

    what I don’t get is, if he’s an alpha , why doesn’t he calm the betas down by roaring at em

  • divHunter

    What happened to “We protect those who can’t protect themselves” or something like that? Did that die with Allison? That would be really sad. He could’ve carried that on for her; in her memory.