Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 The Benefactor

Posted By CouchTuner On July 15, 2014





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  • poppa89

    Hopefully scott does sumthing amazing this episode doubt it tho

  • poppa89

    Smh even scotts brand new beta is stronger then him scott is on that bullshit jus die an make sumone else alpha already

    • TheAlpha-XQ

      you do know that even derek had a tough time just holding down boyd on his first full moon, a beta gets strong as fuck on the fullmoon.


    true man scott get your head together i was hoping so much that stydia will come true but i’m losing hope man i guess i have to accept that stydia is no more and stalia are together

  • Sound cuts out at 24:19 on all the links :(

    • Harley

      It’s supposed to be like that, just keep watching.

      • Thankyou

  • eeeee

    There was to much going on, in this episode. Why would the code be ”Allison”, what is going on with dereks uncle? the bite tho – I guess that makes Scott, to not being a true alpha anymore.

  • Christian Gorka

    for the last time scot will only stop being a true alpha when he kills someone lol not turn them. if he couldn’t turn people how could he be an alpha? use your brains.

  • Tevin Nolan

    i think liam will will become a true alpha like scott while scott and his pack will die because of the deadpool liam an his pacck shhall be our new teen wolf star does anyone notice that his eyes were red

  • Chocolate Chad

    i like scot starting to do something. I just wish he would do more cuz its been a long time since he became a true alpha, or at least it feels like , and he hasnt done shit.

  • popo

    I want scott to transform in actual wolf so as peter did! that would be cool. And that melia could be able to transform into a coyote whenever she want to

  • adatewithmusic

    Full moons are just like girls on their periods.

  • Red Darkness

    is allison still alive?