Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 Smoke and Mirrors

Posted By CouchTuner On September 9, 2014




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  • Andrew Blake Jones

    first lolololol

    • LOLZ

      Nope im first

  • https://www.tumblr.com/blog/being-yourself-is-awesome Manisha Balani

    This episode nearly killed me with suspense! Anyone else feel the Parrish/Lydia feels though out the season?

    • Angelina

      OMG yesh, I wonder what Parrish is though…

      • Joshua William Horton Clark

        My guess is something Like a phoenix or dragon. Clearly fire doesn’t bug him(could be dragon characteristic), or maybe he just arose from the ashes(such as a Phoenix)..my guess would really be Phoenix though of those two options.

        • Julie Lilleheden

          Or maybe he’s a fire kitsune :) his eyes glowed like kiras

    • Guest

      or maybe he’s a fire kitsune :-) His eyes glowed like Kiras

    • Adena Foxx


  • Angelina

    Can’t wait till season 5!

  • Dionysius

    Poor peter :’(

  • Itz Damion

    so worth the wait scott so proud u kicked peters ass i wanted u to shape shift thou n so glad derick still alive…

    • Oatmeal_

      So true. Can’t wait for season 5! 3 more months to go… /)>.<(

      • Itz Damion

        such a long wait they should have more episodes in thiss season

  • Brian Mcgrowder

    Yow, this is one of the best episode of teen wolf so far.

  • Lady-D

    Wait, why the hell is this the season finale? This season has just started!!!! Isn’t there supposed to be like 24 episodes each season?

    • Jack Gower

      new season in three months

    • Dandrea

      There was only 12 episodes this season but there’s gonna be 20 episodes in season 5

      • Adena Foxx


  • scrub

    why is peter like a uber omega

  • http://pegasho33s.tumblr.com/ ♚I Envy Your Face♚

    Shipping Parrish and Lydia like crazy! BUT PETER WHYY! I love him so much, this hurts me like crazy. And I still ship Pydia a little :( DAMN I HATE YOU JEFF!

  • Jacob

    anyone else feel like Scott and Style’s friendship is kinda fading. I mean they are obviously still best friends but not as much this season it seems

  • Aurelia DeRose

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  • D.G

    To begin with…. Peter is sexy but they put him as a bad guy…i dont like!!!!! I dont feel like saying anymore.

  • dddddamon

    scott is getting hench and proper sexyyyy

  • Carlos Gabriel Vqz

    When is season 5?!?!?!?!?

  • -A

    When is season 5??