Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 Monstrous

Posted By CouchTuner On August 25, 2014


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  • Chairmen Meow

    Yeeeessss itsss up!!

  • Ezekiel Bennett



    Oh I think there introducing scots full on wolf transformation soon :)

  • ygyyg6t

    gvui v8tttt

  • Can someone please explain whats happenede in this episode
    I really didnt understand it
    Whos the benefactor
    Who created the dead pool
    What did ludias grandma and the brunski guy have to do with it
    What did meredith have to do with it

    • Rose

      Watch the others dumbass

      • I have dumbass

    • Tess

      You didn’t understand it because it didn’t actually make sense. I’ve seen all the episodes leading up to this and although it was certainly dramatic, it was done poorly.

      • sri

        i dont think so

    • sri

      maradith is the benafactor she made brunski type the dead pool list but all the names and people were hired by her brunski just was like the computer guy.the grandmother got maradith to go to the hospital where she had to stay with Peter hale and Peter kept on chanting about hatred and how he will kill the argent family and all of that.maradith heard than n decided to become evi benfactore .so that was what the grandmother did.Both are bangee’s

      sorry for spelling errors