Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 6 Black and Gray

Posted By CouchTuner On February 11, 2015





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  • TvLover

    i watched this episode, and i do not agree with the rape allegations. This episode have girls thinking that just because they feel regret the day after, it’s rape. Just destroyed this guy’s whole life because people wanna assume stuff. I hate people like that teacher lady, Emmett’s mom and Regina. They always have the best intentions, but in the end always blow thing way outta proportion. Bay got into an argument with Emmett that day, so she went out not looking for rape, but looking to have a good time. The only person that made any sense in this whole thing was Mary Beth. Ur a girl, and even though we would like to say gender equality is a thing, you should already know you should be smart about drinking. i’ve met people who claim to have blacked out the day after, but during the party the night before they didn’t seem different. Tank was drunk too, but just because Bay was more drunk, it automatically meant she was raped…. She said she would say what happened, but she sat there and chose her words to make it seem like Tank raped her. No one is asking for ur opinion. just say what happened. If she had said exactly what happened, the whole thing would have been dropped. “What tank did was wrong. he would never INTENTIONALLY hurt me” WHATT???…. i felt like slapping her thru my screen. If i was Tank, i would claim reverse rape, because we all wanna be equal and bend stories and shit.

    • Chocoholic

      I totally agree with you. This episode started off well.. and then became utter bullshit. WTF was Bay thinking? She grows more and more annoying. If she had any sense of decency, she would have said it was a drunken mistake and she wasn’t raped. She didn’t even remember what happened, she just went with “the feeling” that “something wasn’t right”. -_-

      • TvLover

        I know right? and it didn’t help that everyone kept using the word “rape”. She was totally low key forced into making the decision she did. Remember the beginning when Regina first used the word? What happened was fresh in Bay’s mind, nobody knew, so she didn’t hve to deal with the stress of that, and even she went “woah no it wasn’t” because it wasn’t. Then afterwards….investigation, media bullying, emmett finding out, counselor lady, Tank, her family and random people confronting her…of course she would say it was rape. If you’re gonna destroy someone’s life, make sure you’re 100% sure. Poor Tank, i wish he never met Bay. His whole life has been one giant mess after another since she entered his life.

        • Chocoholic

          EXACTLY. Poor, poor Tank. I feel so sorry for him. At first I was mad ’cause of the whole “Bemmett” thing. But Bay really could have let it go. Even if she didn’t feel right about it, it wasn’t entirely his fault, maybe 50% at most. She should have been a lady about it and shared the blame so it wouldn’t ruin his life! At the end of the day, they WERE both drunk.

          • Chocoholic

            And she also probably shifted blame entirely so she could get off scott-free with Emmett. :@ I miss the times when Daphne was the annoying one.

  • Mike Holden

    This is kind of a weird, thought-provoking episode. I’m not even entirely sure if I agree with everything in this new saga with Bay and Tank. But I personally will say that I don’t think you should have sex with someone if you and/or them are too drunk to coherently tell what’s happening. Even if you or them do want it. For me, it’s a respect thing. Drinking can impair judgements and decisions. So does that mean it’s rape? I really don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. Rape is pretty much defined if a party says no or if they present actions that mean no. Do we know if Bay gave consent or not when she was extremely drunk? No. Can someone even give consent if they’re extremely drunk? That’s the gray area. Some states say no, others say yes. Personally, I don’t know. I’m not an expert on the subject and giving my opinion could be both misleading and put someone’s life in danger if they take it as fact. However, I personally believe that if you are drunk to a certain extent, you should not have sex. Because then real-life things like this episode might happen.