Survivor Season 30 Episode 7

Posted By CouchTuner On April 2, 2015





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  • Snapperfisho

    were my hand is jeff what a crack up haha

    • Ms. Oneal ツ

      Ye, that was a good one!

  • Caz

    Go Team No Collar!!
    Nice move Jen, very savage, like Joe said, hahaha the looks on everyone’s faces when she played the immunity idol mwahahaha go suck that, especially Rod, nope no sympathy for Kelly, I reckon she could have stuck out with the No collars and Sherri for one more elimination and get rid of Rod (dont like him one BIT! Just find him arrogant! He needs to go!)

    Well done Joe in the Immunity Challenge I was sooooo rooting for either Joe or Jen to get it. :D

    You might why do I like Jen so much? I just really like her personality, just very upbeat and blunt, sarcastic and fun loving, and you might in the world of Survivor think, “oh she aint playing the game, and lets break up this power couple with Hali, she wont see it coming” hahaha Its gonna be fair game next ep and I cant wait!! :D
    Mum and I always look forward to this, thursday nights, cuz its Survivor time, always betting on whose gonna win the Immunity and whose gonna get voted off :)

  • Alex Oliki

    Savages Genious LOl i laughed so hard at those comments they are so true and once again rodneys dumb face is priceless LOOL