Survivor Season 30 Episode 4-5

Posted By CouchTuner On March 19, 2015





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  • Snapperfisho

    winner winner chicken dinner that bitch is good!

  • Jim Ray

    Just a hint No Collar team:

    You should have eaten the ROOSTER you morons! Chickens dont need roosters in order to lay eggs and they make a LOT of noise!

    • Snapperfisho

      2nd that

    • IDoNoKno

      No collar… they probably believe chickens can’t lay eggs unless a rooster is around to “impregnate” the chickens… It’s a sensible thing to believe after all, that’s how it usually is with every other thing.

      The teaching system is getting sloppy, they aren’t teaching about chickenology anymore :P

      • Jim Ray

        I dont mean to get picky but actually eggs are produced regularly in females after a certain point following puberty throughout the animal kingdom. The only difference in birds is that the eggs are encased (whether fertile or not) within a hardened shell while in mammals they just pass if unfertilized. Im sure there are exceptions to this although I cant think of one at the moment but in general, that is the rule.

        I used to know a woman who wouldnt eat ANY eggs that had that white creamy stuff in them. That white creamy stuff, it turns out, is actually the binder that holds the yoke in the center of the shell. As the egg ages it disintegrates so by only eating the ones without the binder, she was actually eating the oldest eggs she could find:) Her thought was that a mass of semen was locked within the shell and she couldnt stomach the thought of it. Too funny!

        • IDoNoKno

          I actually didn’t know that, even if I suspected it, In the wild it’s less obvious to see unfertilized eggs since well… they are loose on their feet :P.

          I actually disliked that part of the egg as well, even before I knew what sperm was haha! I disliked it even more after I knew what sperm was, jk :P

          • Jim Ray

            Well, for the longest time I wouldnt eat eggs at all. The thought she implanted in my mind was more than I could handle. Now that I know the truth its a “little” easier to eat them but not by much. Just the thought of eating an embryo is rough. Thank God for bacon:P Hell, it makes dirt look appetizing:D

          • IDoNoKno

            Lol I know what you mean :P I usually think of most living things that I eat as… some creatures… semen. But once I taste that meat, I forget all about that. If it’s good then it matters not where it came from… or whos it was :P.

  • IDoNoKno

    “I am an undercover cop” welp, no you aren’t no more ya phool!

  • IDoNoKno

    OMG they were weak already, but that wasn’t enuff for them so they decided to get even weaker!?!?!

    And what the heck happened to the chickens? Lol, they can’t have eaten every single one of them already!

  • Alex Oliki

    #3c’s ROFL~~!