Survivor Season 30 Episode 3

Posted By CouchTuner On March 12, 2015





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  • Snapperfisho

    I can see a trend here …. and its not what i would have expected from the start of the game… and the lady with the idol at least try look to take the heat off you having it.

  • IDoNoKno

    Next week Will goes home, but oh boy the way he threw Nina under the bus even though he sucked and he lost the challenge for them. Nina didn’t even get to participate in this challenge!

    • Snapperfisho

      Are u serious don’t spoil it for others cock what a spoiler!

      • IDoNoKno

        Oops sry forgot the spoiler tag ;( Though it was not that big of a spoiler, he threw nina under the bus but didn’t say what happened ;P If they are smart they will know what I meant but if they are smart they should watch it first before reading comments lol

        • Snapperfisho

          so you havn’t seen the next weeks tribal with will going home your post says he does thats what got me fired up leting next weeks tribal out of the bag on this episode

          • IDoNoKno

            Oh no, I think he will go home :P If his tribe loses they will send him home… or thats what I think anyways. I wish next weeks episode was already out though lol! Cant wait to see it!