Survivor Season 30 Episode 2 It Will Be My Revenge

Posted By CouchTuner On March 5, 2015





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  • Rielar

    This seasson looking good so far am i the only one that watch this show here like this comment if your watching

  • IDoNoKno

    Stupid move, they needed Vince even tho he seemed a little psycho-awkward. Next one out from no-collor is glasses or black guy depending on how he which one of them does best and is more of an asset, really dumb move Mr.Black guy!

    • Guest

      Mr Black guy, who has a name you cunt, got rid off the ONE guy who pointed a finger at him. Smart move if you ask me. If Vince didn’t actually need Will, I am 100% sure he wouldn’t even think abt consider him in his alliance.

      • IDoNoKno

        A woman hater, u got mad over “mr black guy” but not “glasses woman”
        Are u black or a closet racist who wants to seem not racist?
        If u are black, u shouldn’t be offended by everything, he is black unless you want me to lie and say he is white and imply that being black is something bad. Are you suggesting that being black is a bad thing? Why else would u get mad over it?
        Being fat is bad unlike being black which is just a skin color and hence why I didn’t say “Mr Fat Guy”. -_-
        And no, being fat isn’t bad in “that way”… ahh fuk it… somebody is bound to get mad over everything I say… comes with the bananas

        On Topic *

        Lets be honest here, Mr Black Guy is fat and he will suck at agility challenges, he knows it. If he performs badly he will be out so it was def a bad move. They will lose physical challenges.

        • Guest

          Listen moron…..race isn’t a costume you put on…It isn’t no where near the same as glasses because his race isn’t an item that he woke up and decided to put on so that you can use it to identify him.

          And I could care less about what you think I might or might not be. Go on..Keep on trolling like a fat pig behind a computer screen.

          • IDoNoKno

            Color is not something you decide to put on so and it is used to identify people. A costume that people can put on, if its ugly it can be made fun of and the person using it can be ashamed of it. Color on the other hand, if you are black and you are ashamed of your color then Shame on you.

            He is as black as black gets, thats a fact.
            And I like how ignorant little shit pies like you think it’s horrible to identify somebody by his color but not by his weight and actual disabilities.

            I simply don’t care if you are offended by what I say because you are a racist, ignorant piece of shit. Mr.Black guy…

          • RaptorLemon

            At least show a little respect by calling him by his name. I get calling him by his race if you forgot his name, but then you backed up your argument. The guys not “Black as black gets”… That’s called being African. Also, Wearing glasses isn’t a disability. If you were calling her by her disability you would have to call her “Bad vision lady” or something like that. The guy didn’t call her out because you have the choice of wearing glasses or not. You can’t exactly choose to be black. So how is the other guy racist? He was defending calling him by his name, not because of you saying “Black”. He’s not a “woman-hater” either. No where in any of those messages did he say anything sexist what-so-ever.

  • afasfasfasf

    this is stupid nina is kinda uselesss