Survivor S31E12

Posted By CouchTuner On December 3, 2015





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  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    Spoiler Alert*************** I’m glad they voted off

    Joe! He was annoying and he kept kissing his dad in the mouth so much it became uncomfortable.

    • IDoNoKno

      I felt it was …creepy with all those kisses too, but he deserved to win the most considering he fought the hardest.

      …Would liked to know who voted Tasha :P

      • Ms. Oneal ツ

        Mhm I seen who voted for Tasha; what is the relevant point between my post and who cast a vote for her?

        I was just commenting about about the uncomfortable 4th and 5th kiss between Joe and his dad. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************spoiler*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I was glad he was voted off! Since he was so boring like melba toast*

        • IDoNoKno

          Oh I didn’t see who voted her O_O

          Well… even the 1st and 2nd kiss were ….

          • Ms. Oneal ツ

            Ok sorry, I thought you were stating if “I” wanted 2 know who passed a vote for Tasha… my fault!

            It’s not easy to interpret tone in text, smh. Who is going home next I wonder!?

    • Joe

      i dont kiss my dad in the lips. hey maybe its something they’ve done all their lives and didn’t feel like they should just to change to what you all are comfortable with. its very american to be prudish. hey in other countries people kiss on the lips. it weird for me too but hey i enjoyed this comment bc i saw it but didn’t notice.

      • Ms. Oneal ツ

        Joe commented that when he was growing up his dad wasn’t as warmhearted. My comment about Joe and his dad has nothing to do with conventional beliefs because I know Italians who do this! (I’m Canadian btw) However I’ll stand by my comment 100% because by the 4th or 5th kiss it was awkward!

  • Caz

    Noooo! i didnt want Joe to go!!
    God pplz! break up the girl alliance so you blokes stand a chance! #rollseyes! Get rid of Abi!!

    • Ms. Oneal ツ

      The less they show of her the better. Can you seriously see her winning beside anyone? LOL

      • Caz

        no not really