Survivor S30E9 Livin’ On The Edge

Posted By CouchTuner On April 16, 2015





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  • Snapperfisho

    cant stand weak ass pussys that wanna go home but dont go already bitch

  • Caz

    yesss rodney please lose your temper so everyone else can see you for the arrogrant ass you are (even though you mimicked Mike beautiful and was a bloody good laugh) but still….everyone needs to get the heads screwed on right and vote this guy out!!

    Sad to see Joe go!! He’s right though, he does make this game fun especially with the challenges, the others just want it easy with the challenges and to me, what kind of challenge is that? if you’re not going against the best of the best in the challenges?

    Cuz right now the challenges, the people that have been the most competitive and have been toe to toe have been Joe, Mike, Jen, Hali, to have really been a threat, (in a fun way) while the others just give up too easily, and already Hali and Joe are now gone, to me the others dont seem much of a threat in challenges, easy pickings.

    Seriously is this group daft? I mean yesss we know as an audience Mike has a REAL immunity idol, but he played Joe’s fake one, ummmm hello? are you guys stupid or something? obivously you can see it’s not real, cuz all the immunity idols have crafted differently in its style, why didnt they play on that and just get rid of mike?!?!?! #facepalm