Survivor S30E10 Bring The Popcorn

Posted By CouchTuner On April 23, 2015





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  • Caz

    Absolutely stupid in voting out Jen, i would have voted off Rodney or Will for crying out loud!! Arent these people thinking? you do NOT want a hot head!! Will is definitely isnt a true no collar he’s acting more blue than anything else!! never liked shirin but that was uncalled for for Will attacking her like that, or jumping the gun as if it were her that started the “Whole you didnt share all your food….what the fuck?!”!”

  • Snapperfisho

    no wounder dan works at the post office …dumbass

  • IDoNoKno

    Will is a jackass, I disliked Shereen, but now… I feel no dislike for her at all. She seems one of the normal people at this stage. Will and Rodney are the weirdos and Dan… oh boi! That Dramatic speech he gave about him being the one to decide his own destiny… Hilarious lol!

    I kinda want Mike to win this, stupid move he made at the trade but that’s part of the game and he was the only one to support Shereen.

  • Billionaire

    You guys are insane if you’re phased by the little bit of reality Will gave to Shereen. Will’s reaction WAS CALLED FOR! Yes he went a bit overboard, but understand this, Will is a quiet , happy soul. He’s been that way throughout the season. He loves his family, that’s the reason he was recognized to even be on on the show. He was DEPRIVED of having his family mail & FOOD!! OF COURSE HE’LL GO OVERBOARD AND BE ANGRY!! HE’S HUMAN!!! SHEREEN is still an ASSHOLE for starting that rumor when Will should really have been selfish and kept all the food for himself.

  • Joe

    shereens a trifling bitch and she deserved to get bitched out. would have been ok if shed apologized. thats what you get when kick a cornered starving bullied dog and wrongfully so. id have given it to her too.