Supernatural Season 10 Episode 5 Fan Fiction

Posted By CouchTuner On November 12, 2014





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  • Steven Thurman

    why is there no one on here talking about that??? There was so much added on to it that raises so much past questions

    • Nati

      So true… I mean, I was wondering if they might bring Adam back eventually, ’cause he’s not really dead and it looks like he might return. And let us not forget about Chuck…

      • Steven Thurman

        Yeah both of them were just kind of, gone. I was wondering like, not even a mention of Adam at all, and never really about Chuck, what had happened. Sam and Dean are all about family, theres no way Adam couldnt bug them.

        • Nathan Starr

          adam is locked up with lucifer remember..

          • Steven Thurman

            yeah and so was Sam. You’d think theyd feel like there is a way to get him out.

          • Nati

            And I believe Adam is still Michael’s vessel. So here’s another nice plot twist.

    • Jessica Thomas

      I 100% agree with you! If Chuck didn’t die… then doesn’t that mean Kevin was a prophet?? Since a prophet must die for another one to be? Who was Kevin and who appointed him ???

      • Nati

        There is a fan theory that Chuck wasn’t a prophet but he was actually God. He didn’t die at te end of “The Swan Song”. He simply vanished into the thin air.

        • Jessica Thomas

          Omgosh! I forgot about that, i’m remember hearing that somewhere

        • Danaya87

          You’re absolutely right about that, not everyone understood who Chuck actually was in the series..

        • Nathan Starr

          he couldnt be god if he was remember that necklace dean had it would have glowed in the pressence of him im thinking someone brang him back to life.

      • Steven Thurman

        exactly! Its like all these unanswered questions are suddenly brought up in the series! Chuck and Adam both, im so pumped

        • Jessica Thomas

          Wait! What about Adam ???

      • maaarcus99

        Chuck isn’t a prophet. He’s God.

      • Daniel

        maybe chuck is supose to be god, and while chuck was writing the books the prophets where on hold till he left, thus apointing kevin when he dissapeared.

      • Nevieth

        You do realize Chuck is God right? Just YouTube search it, the actor who plays him leaked it. Nevertheless it’s going to be awesome.

  • Nati

    Oh my God, dat ending… It was perfect 200th episode.

    “It’s all about subtext.” I choked on my coffee when Dean looked right to the camera after hearing about “Destiel”.

  • Razlin Suraya

    what a beautiful episode..i cried!

  • Geraldine Margaret

    chuck is back????? Brilliant Episode loved it and the kids were brilliant the end song was done perfectly

    • Nevieth

      You do realize Chuck is God right? Just YouTube search it, the actor who plays him leaked it.

      • Trio the Punch

        He didn’t leak it, it was in the show…

        • Nevieth

          He leaked it before the whole “turn to light” scene, so yes… he leaked that Chuck was God.

  • Really

    That song at the end handed me a self revelation. Beautiful rendition.

  • Alexander Leon Rosado

    Does this mean that we’re coming full circle and finishing the story of Lucifer, Michael and Adam over at the Cage? And God finally returning? (It is why we had that uproar in Heaven last season, after all.)

  • maaarcus99

    Best hunting episode in a while!