Supernatural S10E18 Book of the Damned

Posted By CouchTuner On April 16, 2015





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  • The Reader

    I effing knew who Sam was talking to in the end.. Damn it Sam. You will soooooo regret this decision. UGH.

  • Majik E

    Wrong move Sam…..

  • Sammy

    Nooo Sam!!! Don’t trust the witch.

  • caffeine addict

    I have the same green blouse as Charlie aw yeah

  • caffeine addict

    This episode was so good, felt like the first season again.

  • Anthony Lord

    wooohooooooo Castiel is back baby!

  • Mike Hammer

    I love this show so much but am I the only 1 getting sick and tired of the boys being so stupid and never learning? It just seems that the same plot is being recycled over and over. How about some originality please!

  • Jaliyah Phillips

    I love that Dean’s accent becomes more Texan when he’s around people from the south X_X