Supergirl S1E8 Hostile Takeover

Posted By CouchTuner On December 15, 2015






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  • Blue

    thanks for the upload

  • Blue

    I don’t know why but I just can’t shake this feeling that Astra not Alura is Kara’s mother. even though there really is no basis for this idea.

    • Jor-el

      The thought has crossed my mind, too. I hope not, though.

      • Blue

        Dammit Jor-El what did you let your brother get up to

  • Hoverhamster

    so happy that cat knows

  • T. O. Morrow

    This show is slowly getting better. Not great, but it is getting better. (Still not ready to forgive the for the horrible Red Tornado costume, however.)

  • j.j. abrams

    Krypton should be called lensflareworld

    • Nathan Klejman

      Funny you should mention, J.J…..

  • Taurus_KillU

    Manhunter is awesome

  • Jamie Reynolds

    I love this show so much. <3

  • ^_^

    “Superman doesn’t kill”
    lol funny jokes many kek