Supergirl S1 Pilot

Posted By CouchTuner On May 22, 2015


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  • Hans Gruber

    I hope they still have some money left in their special effects budget.

  • cas

    Is the actor playing james Olsen the same guy who played Gunn, from Buffy???
    Looks really like him!!

    • Rod

      Not him but that actor is now Deathlok on Agents of SHIELD. The first time I saw this actor was on True Blood.

    • WhateverMan

      No, he’s from another Joss Whedon show, Dollhouse. He played Sam Jennings. The actor’s name is Mechad Brooks.

      • cas

        Think I’m showing my age (!)

  • Isabelle Law

    They just beat you over the head with the feminism on this show, don’t they? Always emphasising that she’s a female superhero. And all that girl power talk. Even the main baddie is a girl. I feared this is what this show would be. They better treat this like a f*cking superhero show and not a GIRL superhero show. It’s 2015, women can be heroes too. Women can be anything. We get it. You dont have to be overtly obvious with the message. You could do with more subtlety.

    • IamhotUArnot

      I agree they just can’t go five minutes without screaming “I am woman, hear me roar.” They did it in Agent Carter as well although not nearly this much and at least that show was in the 1940s so it made more sense. This is 2015.

    • Mike Nunyabizness

      No way you are female, not buying it at all.

  • merlix

    wait a minute!!!!! DID THEY GENDERBEND GENERAL ZOD? all for the sake of having a female antagonist? Im gonna be sick

    • WhateverMan

      On the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, they cast females for the roles of both Starbuck and Boomer.

      What’s your problem?

      • merlix

        why would they do that? I mean why genderbend?
        it’s not the female zod I hate… hell be my guest it’s refreshing but they are doing it so they can push their whole feminist ideas on us and I can’t stand show’s ignoring source material just to be politically correct

        • WhateverMan

          OR, the story is the story and it doesn’t matter whether The Big Bad is male or female.

          You’re the one who’s choosing to get all bent out of shape over this.

          • merlix

            when the iconic superman nemesis gets gender-bend in some series any dc fan would cringe but I don’t personally like a story that is dictated by feminist standards that’s all

    • KingOBithy

      nah… zod wasnt related to the els in the first place… he was a family friend turned fo… this chick is if you remeber the old suoerman movies and her husband are related to the els and got banished to the phantom zone for causing a military coo on kripton

  • Mitch Enoch

    Supergirl is WAAAAYYYY to weak minded in this show. If they are going to make her that easy to break then she should be 16, the age she was when she first put on the costume in the comic.

    • WhateverMan

      Yeah, I’m kind of annoyed she’s not a teenager.

  • Jairo Ulloa

    Typical Femenist bullcrap yet another DC fail

    • Mike Nunyabizness

      Typed a sad little impotent moron that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word. Buy a dictionary moron.

  • Abraxas

    The pilot arrived faster than a speeding bullet, lol. Decent quality print, no discernible watermarks. For the pilot, it’s okay but does have some rough patches. We’ll have to see if the pilot’s premature release (ahem) will spur the producers to make changes before the official air date. Who knows, the studio may have purposely leaked the pilot to gauge audience response, like a kind of test screening.

    • ScarletNightFury

      a leaked pilot episode it would be a perfect excuse for a test screening!!


    Most of this was cringe worthy but it really picks up around 46:14

  • nick barker

    Well THAT wasn’t as good as I hoped! Pulling for it to get better though . Maybe make it just a little more serious? I would LOVE to see the “Alien Protection Squad” her sister works with train her how to fight. Because her going up against these super human seasoned criminals her mom put away EVERY week and beating them in a fight is a tough sell. Pretty cool of the producers to cast the original Supergirl and the Man of Steel from Lois and Clark (Helen Slater and Dean Cain) as her Earth parents also,

  • Mike Nunyabizness

    All the guys saying this is feminist crap must either be the most insecure little tools ever or idiots. I’m guessing both, this wasn’t feminist anything. This is insulting to women for the most part, not empowering. It was like Gossip Girl with super powers. I’m a guy and was insulted by this crap, I don’t see how all the women aren’t too. Also the editing was horrible, like her asking if they really said the plane was the one her sister was on, wtf you have super hearing how did you not hear it the first time. Bad writing and editing all around.

    • IamhotUArnot

      I agree that is insulting to women but part of the problem why it is so insulting is because ever successful women I know doesn’t run around screaming “Im a girl and I can do anything a man can”. Watch the SNL Black Widow skit where Scarlett Johansen makes a parody and I dare you to find someone who has seen neither of them before and tell you which one is a parody and which one is the actual show.

      The signle most obnoxious line was when she was fighting the Klingon the second time around and the Major/General whatever he was says she was not strong enough. The idiot sister immediately goes into feminist mode and declares that he must have said that simply because she was a girl. At no point did it occur to her that he didn’t think she was strong enough because A: she got her ass kicked literally the first time they fought and B: she was losing to him at the time he said it.

      But no according to the feminist morons who wrote the dialogue he could only have said that because he was a sexist misogynist. *rolls eyes*

  • PoliScikosis .

    So the season is going to revolve around an insecure, weak-willed, unsure nerd who breaks out of her shell, crushes on the first black guy she sees, treats “HIM” (Superman) like some distant diety (who wont actually come help save the World)….. all while bludgeoning us with overt feminist dogma, poor acting, gender conformity, writing that feels like it should be in the vagina monologues, and the utter ripping to shreds of the intellectual property that WAS the lore!….. no thanks.

  • Jessica

    So, did Clark never visit his cousin after he dropped her off?! Well!!

    • KingOBithy

      well there is a period where he didn’t

      • Jessica

        For her to ask Jimmy what Superman is like, makes me think they hadn’t seem each other in many many years.

  • quicksilver

    What I liked the most of this serie is that all the females have nice asses!! :-D

  • Ella

    Idk why everyone’s complaining if u don’t like it don’t watch it it’s not like u wasted ur whole life on this show it was just an episode chill out …. Jeez

  • RupesNotSupes

    Not bad and certainly has some potential. Be interesting to see where they go with this.

  • kiichan

    PEOPLE this is a freaking Pilot Episode, just freaking enjoy it without Bitching about feminism and all that crap. Its far too early to be predicting how things will go. I do look forward to seeing her become more kickass and sharpening her skills. And im pretty sure that is NOT general ZOD gender bending. ZOD was a family friend unlike that female antagonist who is related by blood. do you get it now?

    • Two Finger Salute!

      They fucked it up with a black Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy was a geek and this dude is big and not a geek.

  • last

    uh no sound no mo CT

  • yvonne

    Its not working (my opinion) I think its gonna be a bad series