Suits Season 4 Episode 7 We’re Done

Posted By CouchTuner On July 31, 2014





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  • IamBruceStevens

    OoOoooooohhh these hoes ain’t loyal… yea these hoes ain’t loyal yea yea – Chris Brown lol

  • Alicia Rowe

    WOW! That episode was intense. I get that Rachel wanted to be honest, but did she really have to tell Mike? Unless she felt that the next time she and Logan were alone together that it would have gone further. And Mike being all self righteous like his slate so spotless, after Rachel found it in her heart to forgive him for lying about going to Harvard, at least she told him the truth straight up. He talking about it took her a week, gimme a break! How long did it take him to tell her about his deceit? I love Mike and Rachel together though, hope they work it out, although sure it will be awkward having him back at the firm. At least Logan is gone (thank God) and the Dynamic Duo are back together. This should be interesting and eventful.

    • Bernie

      yeah show’s future is looking up again

  • Lange Man

    kingdoms can come crashing down all because of women
    In the last episode she even manipulated MIKE, harvey lost a client in this one, all because of her.

  • Raito Yagami

    Cannot stand Rachel

    • Billybob420

      yea im sick of her bs like omg cry over shit she did yea yea yea blablabla i mean rachel is smoking but she should of told him about her feeling long ago and i miss the old harvey and mike badass cases not this mushy gushy shit i mean i love drama but not like 3 ep in a row

  • Grizzley


  • the ben man

    suits fight scenes are shit